Behind the 2021-22 Boys Preseason #PBCHOOPSTOP5 and Season Preview

Preparation for the Palm Beach County high school season starts early. If there's any question look at the date this post was created, June 23, 2021. Plenty of modifications and updates since and it's time now time to tip-off what should be a great season.

To get us on our way here's a look at the 2021-22 Preseason #PBCHOOPS Top 5 along with a breakdown of the teams to watch this upcoming season in our Boys Season Preview:

2021 #PBCHOOPS STATE Final Four Preview and Predictions (ALL SOUTH FLORIDA)

State match-ups are set and two Palm Beach County teams remain out of the eight South Florida teams in Lakeland. Winning a state championship is not easy.

Reginal Final Round Pick Record: #PBCHOOPS 5-3 (Overall 49-27) D Franklin 6-2 (Overall 48-28) RMF 7-1 (Overall 55-23)

[UPDATED 9:52PM 2/27/21] 2021 #PBCHOOPS Regional Final Preview and Predictions (South Florida)

Dwyer. Martin County and Grandview Prep are looking to punch tickets to State. Should be an exciting night of games.

Tuesday Pick Record: #PBCHOOPS 9-5 (Overall 44-24) D Franklin 8-6 (Overall 42-26) RMF 9-4 (Overall 48-22)

Region 4-2A Regional Final

2A State Championship Bracket

[UPDATED SCORES 7:23AM 2/24/21] 2021 #PBCHOOPS Regional Semifinal Preview and Predictions ALL South Florida (2A-7A)

Only six #PBCHOOPS teams remain on the Road to Lakeland, all of which have won state titles in their respective program history.

In addition all six teams ended the regular season ranked in the final Public and Private Schools #PBCHOOPSTOP5 Poll:

#1's Martin County & Grandview Prep
#2 Saint Andrew's
#3 Dwyer
#4's Wellington & Atlantic Christian

[UPDATED SCORES 7:30 AM] 2021 #PBCHOOPS Regional Quarterfinal Preview & Predictions ALL South Florida (2A-7A)

District championship playoff week saw plenty of lower seeds beat teams seeded higher. While some were "upsets" for the most part they were just corrections of a flawed computer ranking system (with no human factor) used by the FHSAA that didn't have enough game data to properly rank the teams. Now that the state tournament field is set here's a breakdown of the regions for all South Florida teams including predictions from RMF Magazine co-founder Jean-Camille Dubuisson and long time #PBCHOOPS contributor Derrick Franklin:

[UPDATED SCORES 2/15/21 10:00AM] Behind the Final #PBCHOOPS Top 5 2/7/21 and 2020-21 Boys District Previews & Predictions

#PBCHOOPS 2021 District Playoff Preview Podcast with Jean-Camille Dubuisson II (RMF Magazine) and Derrick Franklin

Click this link to view all South Florida District Brackets and results

Behind the 2020-21 Boys PRIVATE SCHOOL Preseason #PBCHOOPSTOP5 and PRIVATE SCHOOL Season Preview

2020 has been a year like no other, bringing changes to our everyday lives. Sports, basketball in particular, has not been immune to the changes. Those changes have affected the start of the high school basketball season here in Palm Beach County. The Palm Beach County School District has made the decision to delay the start of the season two weeks from the official start date set by the FHSAA. Many private schools however have decided to begin the year and compete using the FHSAA calendar.

2020 #PBCHOOPS Regional Final Preview and Predictions (South Florida)

It’s the Elite 8. Things are getting tight, South Florida teams including four from Palm Beach County are looking to punch tickets to State.

Tuesday Pick Record: #PBCHOOPS 12-4 (Overall 36-18) D Franklin 12-4 (Overall 36-18)

Region 4-2A Regional Final

2A State Bracket


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