#PBCHOOPS 2021-22 Boys CO-MVP - Calvin Sirmans and Marvin Golf

The 2021-22 #PBCHOOPS All Schools Co-Most Valuable Players are Marvin Golf and Calvin Sirmans from Lake Worth High School.

Golf and Sirmans, both juniors, led a potent Trojan squad to a 21-4 record and a trip to 7A State Semifinal in Lakeland. The two combined for over 30 points per game on the season with Golf averaged 14.5 points and 7.8 rebounds while Sirmans averaged 17.1 points dishing out 5.4 assist each time out.

#PBCHOOPS 2020-21 Boys Private Schools Player of the Year and MVP - Josh Minott


1st Team

Gunner Walters (Grandview Prep) c/o 2022
Makye Boles (Grandview Prep) c/o 2021
Conner Weston (Jupiter Christian) c/o 2022
Devin Hines (Saint Andrew’s) c/o 2021
Johnathon Joseph (King’s Academy) c/o 2021

2nd Team

Pedro Brown (Grandview Prep) c/o 2021
AJ Gilles (Grandview Prep) c/o 2021
Matt Ansah (Saint John Paul II) c/o 2021
RJ Morris (Jupiter Christian) c/o 2021
Bobby Stewart (Saint Andrew’s) c/o 2021

2019-20 #PBCHOOPS Boys Public Schools MVP - D'ante Daniels

The 2019-20 #PBCHOOPS Boys Public School MVP is D'ante Daniels of Forest Hill High School.

Daniels, a senior point guard, averaged 13 points, 4.9 assists and 3.3 steals per game on the season. Numbers don't always tell the whole story, there were players in contention for the award that had bigger season statistically but no player was more valuable to the overall success of their team this season than Daniels. A successful season it was for the Falcons who made it to 7A State Final 4 for the first time in school history and finished with a 28-3 record overall.

#PBCHOOPS 2020-21 Boys Public Schools Player of the Year and MVP - Ryan Davis


1st Team

Nathan Mikkelson (Martin County) c/o 2021
Donovan Draper (Forest Hill) c/o 2021
Christopher Walker (Wellington) c/o 2021
Micah Octave (Olympic Heights) c/o 2021
Justin Roseme (Santaluces) c/o 2021
Xavier Scott (Dwyer) c/o 2022

2nd Team

Alex Houck (Jupiter) c/o 2022
Kyle McNeal (Dwyer) c/o 2023
Marc Steig (Olympic Heights) c/o 2021
Will VanHook (Wellington) c/o 2021
Rodrick Johnson (Dwyer) c/o 2021

2016-17 #PBCHOOPS Public Schools MVP and Co-Player of the Year - Trent Frazier

2016-17 #PBCHOOPS Public Schools Most Valuable Player is Wellington High School's Trent Frazier.

Trent has also been selected as 2016-17 #PBCHOOPS Public Schools Co-Player of the Year.

2016-17 #PBCHOOPS Private Schools Player of the Year and Co-MVP - KJ Fitzgerald

2016-17 #PBCHOOPS Private Schools Player of the Year is Cardinal Newman High School's KJ Fitzgerald.

KJ has also been selected as 2016-17 #PBCHOOPS Private Schools Co-MVP.

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