Behind the #PBCHOOPSTOP5 1/16/22 and Week 9 Preview

Signature win, by this time of the year if your team doesn't have a significant win against a quality opponent the chances of making the Top 5 are slim. Last week Forest Hill got it's signature win against #4 Palm Beach Lakes. West Boca got it's signature win Saturday defeating Forest Hill at the Rising Stars MLK Dreams Showcase, unfortunately for the Bulls a loss earlier in the week to Atlantic cost them. The #5 spot has been a revolving door all season with teams moving in and out weekly, time will tell how long the newest entry will last.

Behind the #PBCHOOPSTOP5 1/9/22 and Week 8 Preview

When top teams play there will always be not only great competition but also an opportunity to earn or move up in the Top 5. This week was a prime example, Lake Worth and Palm Beach Lakes both made huge statements on the week and both we rewarded with elevated spots in the poll. While there are a couple teams on the outside looking in wondering when it will be their time. To find them take I-95 to exit 66, one is just east of the highway the other 3.2 miles west.

Here's a look Behind This Weeks #PBCHOOPS Top 5:

Behind the #PBCHOOPSTOP5 1/2/22 and Week 7 Preview

Holiday tournaments are back in Palm Beach County and here to stay. The Holiday Basketball Classic of the Palm Beaches closed out the year 2021 with three nights of high level competition featuring the areas best teams and talent. Although there was only one champion, several winners emerged during the week.

Here's a look Behind This Weeks #PBCHOOPS Top 5:

Behind the #PBCHOOPSTOP5 12/19/21 and Week 5 Preview

Last week was sort of a "proving grounds" with several Top 5 teams and teams looking to get into the Top 5 facing off. In the end Lake Worth proved they were worthy of it's #4 ranking after going 1-1 in its games against ranked teams. While cancellations cost West Boca and Palm Beach Central an opportunity to make a case for a spot. Still laying in the shadows however is the only undefeated team remaining in county, Forest Hill. They Falcons took down Olympic Heights Tuesday, followed up by another win Friday to stand a perfect 7-0 on the season.

Behind the #PBCHOOPSTOP5 12/12/21 and Week 4 Preview

We are three weeks into the season and there still is plenty of shuffling going for spots in the bottom half of the Top 5. As game play continues the picture will begin to clear and the cream will rise to the top, it always does. Last week featured several competitive match-ups and big wins. Non ranked teams Forest Hill, West Boca and Benjamin all picked up quality victories while Dwyer won both its games against ranked opponents. The rise of these teams set the stage for more competition this week and beyond.

Here's a look Behind This Weeks #PBCHOOPS Top 5:

Behind the #PBCHOOPSTOP5 12/5/21 and Week 3 Preview

There are two ways to enter and stay in the #PBCHOOPS Top 5 each week. 1.) Play tough competition week in week out 2.) Win games. Those that do both will remain, those that only can do one won't last. While playing a tough schedule is important winning those games is equally as important. This weeks Top 5 did what they needed to so far and will need to keep playing well to secure the same spot or higher for next week.

Here's a look Behind This Weeks #PBCHOOPS Top 5:

Behind the #PBCHOOPSTOP5 11/28/21 and Week 2 Preview

Holiday's usually mean plenty of sports, this Thanksgiving break was no different with several local teams participating in competitive events. The Top 5 went undefeated locking in their spots as district play kicks off and showcase events continue..

Here's a look Behind This Weeks #PBCHOOPS Top 5:

Behind the #PBCHOOPSTOP5 11/21/21 and Week 1 Preview

Photo courtesy of Effective Sports Media | Instagram @effectives_media Twitter @effectivesmedia

Games don't count in preseason but every time a team chooses to lace them up or in some cases not, the opportunity to evaluate is present. Last week several teams impressed in their preseason tip-off debuts, while others used them more as a true warm-up. 5 teams stood out and looked like the best, this week. From the looks of it the rankings will change many times this season.

Here's a look Behind This Weeks #PBCHOOPS Top 5:


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