#PBCHOOPS All Tournament Team - 2021 Holiday Basketball Classic of the Palm Beaches

Holiday Basketball Classic of the Palm Beaches Invitational December 28-30, 2021 @ The Benjamin School

#PBCHOOPS Tournament MVP

Blake Wilson c/o 2023 (Dwyer)

All Tournament 1st Team

Kyle McNeal c/o 2023 (Dwyer)
Juwan Dawes c/o 2022 (Dwyer)
Brenden Williams c/o 2022 (Wellington)
Terrell Edwards c/o 2022 (Wellignton)
Gavin Aydelotte c/o 2023 (Benjamin)
Sanjae Moncrieffe c/o 2023 (Benjamin)
Darrell Sweeting c/o 2023 (Benjamin)
Jarard Mosley c/o 2022 (Cardinal Newman)
Marouf Moumine c/o 2023 (Cardinal Newman)

All Tournament 2nd Team

DJ Jones (Dwyer)
Frenelson Altius (Dwyer)
Kevin Eutsey (Cardinal Newman)
JJ Jimenez (Cardinal Newman)
Shawn Cineus (Wellington)
Reggie Reinhardt (Wellington)
Bo Squitieri (Oxbridge Academy)
Micah Mays (Benjamin)
Dawson Civil (Monsignor Pace)
Brennen Sands (Miami Central)
Chase Truncal (Boca Raton)

Honorable Mention

Zayin Humber (Wellington)
Nico Frezin (Benjamin)
Elijah Hopkins (Dwyer)
Robert Jones (Dwyer)
Izzy Joseph (Oxbridge Academy)
Jarret Mauvais (Oxbridge Academy)
Chesny Carjuste (Oxbridge Academy)
Lavar Jamison (Boca Raton)
Macius Trohie (Boca Raton)
Yuri Noel (Miami Central)
Seve Leoni (Monsignor Pace)
Christopher Levy (Monsignor Pace)
Derek Lomickey (Cardinal Newman)
Scottie Anosier (Cardinal Newman)

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