[UPDATED SCORES 2/15/21 10:00AM] Behind the Final #PBCHOOPS Top 5 2/7/21 and 2020-21 Boys District Previews & Predictions

#PBCHOOPS 2021 District Playoff Preview Podcast with Jean-Camille Dubuisson II (RMF Magazine) and Derrick Franklin

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Final Public and Private School #PBCHOOPS Top 5 for the 2020-21 Season:

The season ends with Olympic Heights earning its way to the #2 spot after defeating Forest Hill Friday night and finishing the regular season undefeated. Now the focus shifts for teams both in and out of the Top 5, as they have their eyes set on an even bigger prize, state championships. Here's the final #PBCHOOPS Top 5 for the 2020-21 Season:

District Playoff Predictions

Expect this years "Road to State" to be different than any other in recent history. The big change from last year is that only the top two (2) teams advance to the regional round, district winner and runner up. This means several teams will be left out. Almost every top team has halted it's season in some form or fashion to deal with issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now as the playoffs start teams are trying to pick up where they left off and create some type of momentum to advance in Districts and beyond. Expect plenty of "upsets" and good competition before things are settled. Here's a look at the districts championships and projected winners:


Dark Horse Vero Beach, Palm Beach Gardens

RMF Prediction: Dwyer

DF Prediction: Dwyer

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Dwyer

Winner: Vero Beach


RMF Prediction: Wellington

DF Prediction: Forest Hill

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Wellington

Winner: Forest Hill


RMF Prediction: Lake Worth

DF Prediction:Lake Worth

#PBCHOOPS Prediction:Santaluces

Winner: Lake Worth


Dark Horse Douglas, Monarch

RMF Prediction: Coral Springs

DF Prediction: Coral Springs

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Coral Springs

Winner: Monarch


Dark Horse Gulf Coast, Cypress Bay

RMF Prediction: Western

DF Prediction: Western

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Western

Winner: Western


RMF Prediction: Miramar

DF Prediction: Miramar

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Miramar

Winner: Miramar


Dark Horse Miami High, Columbus

RMF Prediction: Coral Gables

DF Prediction: Coral Gables

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Coral Gables

Winner: Coral Gables


RMF Prediction: Palmetto

DF Prediction: Palmetto

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Palmetto

Winner: Ferguson



RMF Prediction: Martin County

DF Prediction: Martin County

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Olympic Heights

Winner: Martin County


Dark Horse St Thomas

RMF Prediction: Blanche Ely

DF Prediction: Blanche Ely

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Dillard

Winner: Dillard


RMF Prediction: Toss Up North Miami/McArthur

DF Prediction: McArthur

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: McArthur

Winner: North Miami


RMF Prediction: Mater Academy

DF Prediction: Mater Academy

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Mater Academy

Winner: Mater Academy


Dark Horse Boynton Beach

RMF Prediction: Okeechobee

DF Prediction: Okeechobee

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Suncoast

Winner: Suncoast


RMF Prediction: Pines Charter

DF Prediction: Pines Charter

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Boyd Anderson

Winner: Pines Charter


RMF Prediction: Norland

DF Prediction: Norland

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Norland

Winner: Norland


RMF Prediction: Belen

DF Prediction: Belen

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Northwestern

Winner: Northwestern


Winner: Glades Central


RMF Prediction: Pine Crest

DF Prediction: Pine Crest

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Pine Crest

Winner: Pine Crest


RMF Prediction: Hallandale

DF Prediction: Stranahan

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Mater Lakes

Winner: Somerset Academy


RMF Prediction: North Miami Beach

DF Prediction: Miami Springs

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Edison

Winner: North Miami Beach


RMF Prediction: Gulliver Prep

DF Prediction: Key West

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Keys Gate

Winner: Sunset


RMF Prediction: Saint Andrew's

DF Prediction: Saint Andrew's

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Saint Andrew's

Winner: Saint Andrew's


RMF Prediction: Calvary Christian

DF Prediction: Calvary Christian

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Calvary Christian

Winner: Calvary Christian


RMF Prediction: Chaminade

DF Prediction: Chaminade

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Chaminade

Winner: TBD


DF Prediction: Atlantic Christian

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Atlantic Christian

Winner: Atlantic Christian


RMF Prediction: Grandview Prep

DF Prediction: Grandview Prep

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Grandview Prep

Winner: Grandview Prep


RMF Prediction: Champagnat Catholic

DF Prediction: Champagnat Catholic

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Champagnat Catholic

Winner: Sheridan Hills


RMF Prediction:Miami Christian

DF Prediction: Miami Christian

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Brito

Winner: Brito


#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Pahokee

Winner: Wildwood

District Tournament Schedules

HOST as per MaxPreps

8-1A Host: Higher seed

#1 Wildwood
#2 Vanguard
#3 Pahokee
#4 Crescent City
#5 Fort Meade


GM 2 Tue 2/9/21 6:00PM Fort Meade vs Crescent City
GM 5 Wed 2/10/21 6:00PM Wildwood 82 vs Crescent City 55
GM 6 Wed 2/10/21 6:00PM Pahokee 43 vs Vanguard 68
GM 7 TBD CHAMPIONSHIP Wildwood vs Vanguard

13-2A Host: Lake Worth Christian

#1 Atlantic Christian
#2 Berean Christian
#3 Pine School
#4 Trinity Christian
#5 Glades Day


GM 2 Tue 2/9/21 5:00PM Trinity Christian 49 vs Glades Day 35
GM 5 Wed 2/10/21 6:00PM Atlantic Christian 53 vs Trinity Christian 13
GM 6 Wed 2/10/21 6:00PM Pine School 54 vs Berean Christian 84
GM 7 TBD CHAMPIONSHIP Atlantic Christian 64 vs Berean Christian 32

14-2A Host: Boca Raton Christian

#1 Grandview Prep
#2 Highlands Christian
#3 Village Academy
#4 Boca Raton Christian
#5 Donna Klein


GM 2 Mon 2/8/21 5:00PM Boca Raton Christian 59 vs Donna Klein 37
GM 5 Tue 2/9/21 7:00PM Grandview Prep 78 vs Boca Raton Christian 65
GM 6 Tue 2/9/21 5:00PM Village Academy 57 vs Highlands Christian 78
GM 7 TBD CHAMPIONSHIP Grandview Prep 68 vs Highlands Christian 56

12-3A Host: Westminster Academy

#1 Calvary Christian
#2 Sagemont
#3 Westminster Academy
#4 Somerset Prep


GM 5 Wed 2/10/21 7:00PM Calvary Christian 68 vs Somerset Prep 35
GM 6 Wed 2/10/21 7:00PM Westminster Academy 52 vs Sagemont 42
GM 7 TBD CHAMPIONSHIP Westminster Academy 58 vs Calvary Christian 70

11-3A Host: Saint Andrew's

#1 Saint Andrew's
#2 Jupiter Christian
#3 Saint John Paul II
#4 King's Academy
#5 Benjamin
#6 Oxbridge Academy


GM 2 Tue 2/9/21 6:00PM King's Academy 51 vs Benjamin 34
GM 3 Tue 2/9/21 6:00PM Oxbridge Academy 66 vs SJPII 50
GM 5 Wed 2/10/21 7:00PM St Andrew's 80 vs King’s Academy 62
GM 6 Wed 2/10/21 7:00PM Jupiter Christian 83 vs Oxbridge Academy 55
GM 7 TBD CHAMPIONSHIP Jupiter Christian 58 vs St Andrew's 78

13-4A Host: Cardinal Gibbons

#1 Pine Crest
#2 North Broward Prep
#3 Cardinal Gibbons
#4 Somerset Canyons
#5 American Heritage
#6 Pompano Beach
#7 Coral Springs Charter


GM 2 Tue 2/9/21 6:00PM Somerset Canyons 51 vs American Heritage 41
GM 3 Tue 2/9/21 7:00PM Cardinal Gibbons 66 vs Pompano 32
GM 5 Wed 2/10/21 7:00PM Pine Crest 76 vs Somerset Canyons 55
GM 6 Wed 2/10/21 5:00PM Cardinal Gibbons L vs North Broward Prep W
GM 7 TBD CHAMPIONSHIP Pine Crest 62 vs North Broward Prep 35

13-5A Host: Okeechobee

#1 Okeechobee
#2 Jensen Beach
#3 Ft Pierce Westwood
#4 Suncoast
#5 Port Saint Lucie
#6 Boynton Beach


GM 2 Tue 2/9/21 7:30PM PSL 59 vs Suncoast 73
GM 3 Tue 2/9/21 5:30PM Westwood vs Boynton
GM 5 Wed 2/10/21 7:00PM Okeechobee 44 vs Suncoast 46
GM 6 Wed 2/10/21 5:30PM Jensen Beach 59 vs Westwood 56
GM 7 TBD CHAMPIONSHIP Jensen Beach 41 vs Suncoast 55

13-6A Host: Olympic Heights

#1 Martin County
#2 South Fork
#3 Olympic Heights
#4 West Boca Raton
#5 Atlantic
#6 Seminole Ridge


GM 2 Tue 2/9/21 6:00PM West Boca Raton vs Atlantic
GM 3 Tue 2/9/21 7:00PM Olympic Heights 63 vs Seminole Ridge 37
GM 5 Wed 2/10/21 7:00PM Martin County 44 vs West Boca Raton 22
GM 6 Wed 2/12/20 7:30PM South Fork 49 vs Olympic Heights 53
GM 7 TBD CHAMPIONSHIP Martin County 62 vs Olympic Heights 39

11-7A Host: Spanish River

#1 Santaluces
#2 Spanish River
#3 Lake Worth
#4 Boca Raton
#5 Park Vista
#6 John I Leonard


GM 2 Tue 2/9/21 5:30PM Boca Raton vs Park Vista
GM 3 Tue 2/9/21 7:00PM Lake Worth 80 vs John I 54
GM 5 Wed 2/10/21 5:30PM Santaluces W vs Park Vista L
GM 6 Wed 2/10/21 7:00PM Spanish River L vs Lake Worth W
GM 7 TBD CHAMPIONSHIP Santaluces 59 vs Lake Worth 60

10-7A Host: Forest Hill

#1 Forest Hill
#2 Wellington
#3 Royal Palm Beach
#4 Jupiter
#5 Palm Beach Central
#6 Palm Beach Lakes


GM 2 Tue 2/9/21 7:00PM Jupiter 61 vs Palm Beach Central 56
GM 3 Tue 2/9/21 7:00PM RPB 49 vs PB Lakes 41
GM 5 Wed 2/10/21 7:00PM Forest Hill 70 vs Jupiter 61
GM 6 Wed 2/10/20 7:00PM Wellington 56 vs RPB 49
GM 7 TBD CHAMPIONSHIP Forest Hill 68 vs Wellington 67

9-7A Host: Vero Beach

#1 Vero Beach
#2 Centennial
#3 Dwyer
#4 Fort Pierce Central
#5 Treasure Coast
#6 Palm Beach Gardens


GM 2 Tue 2/9/21 7:00PM Treasure Coast vs Central
GM 3 Mon 2/8/21 7:00PM Dwyer 92 vs PBG 54
GM 5 Wed 2/10/21 7:00PM Vero Beach 63 vs Central 31
GM 6 Wed 2/09/21 7:00PM Centennial 54 vs Dwyer 77
GM 7 TBD CHAMPIONSHIP Vero Beach 74 vs Dwyer 65

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