[UPDATED 2/15/2020 10:18 PM] Behind the Final #PBCHOOPS Top 5 2/9/20 and 2019-20 Boys District Previews & Predictions

Predictions and analysis by #PBCHOOPS Staff Writer Derrick Franklin.

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The Final #PBCHOOPS Top 5 for the 2019-20 Season:

All 5 teams ended the regular season playing at a high level and are in good position for a run at the state championship in Lakeland.

District Playoff Preview

This year feels different with the changes made to him the playoff structure by the FHSAA, the district playoff round can possibly have some surprises. Here's a look at the districts championships and projected winners:


Dwyer came into the season with people expecting the young squad to struggle, but instead they thrived and proved to be one of the best teams in the county all season. The Panthers are also the favorite to take how the district title as well.

The Rest:

Vero Beach, Treasure Coast, Ft Pierce Central, Centennial, Palm Beach Gardens


Dwyer went undefeated in district play and beat #2 seed Vero Beach 2 weeks ago. The Panthers are battle tested and have been playing playoff intensity basketball all season long.

DF Prediction: Dwyer - Vero played Dwyer very well and could be a tough out with an automatic bid on the line, but look for Dwyer to pull it out

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Dwyer

Winner: Dwyer


Forest Hill went undefeated in what was a very tough district earning a first round bye. Now things get real as all six teams in the district have played well to end the year. The change of districts didn't faze Wellington as they are locked in the #2 seed and have eyes set on yet another trip to the Final 4.

The Rest:

Jupiter, Palm Beach Central, Palm Beach Lakes, Royal Palm Beach


Coming into the season we projected this as the toughest district in the county. Forest Hill went undefeated but tested by Wellington and Palm Beach Central late in the regular season. Wellington comes in flying a bit under the radar in the #2 spot but should not be counted out, they are no stranger to big games or tough competition. Expect no easy wins, starting with the first round match-ups. Everyone has a shot.

DF Prediction: Forest Hill - One of the toughest districts in the state and Forest Hill hasn't let up on any one in it, but Wellington is definitely ready and more then willing for a rematch. Forest Hill in the win

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Wellington

Winner: Forest Hill


This looks to be Park Vista's time, the Cobra's have what it takes to home the district title.

The Rest:

Boca Raton, John I Leonard, Lake Worth, Santaluces, Spanish River


Park Vista looks to be getting hot at the right time, led by senior PG Erik Pratt and wing Hantz Louis Jeune. Erik is a big time scorer that's been playing at a high level all season long and Hantz is super high motor player that effects the game on both sides of the floor. If any team wants to knock off the Cobra's it starts by keeping Pratt and Jeune in check. As with district 12 all six teams have a legitimate shot at the title, watch out for Santaluces, John I, Spanish River and sleeper Boca High.

DF Prediction: Park Vista - PV looks like a lock for the play-offs and definitely the district, don't see any of the teams challenging them. Park Vista

#PBCHOOPS Prediction:Park Vista

Winner: Park Vista


Monarch has had an amazing season and Coral Springs has been a real disappointment this season, with all that said look for Deerfield who should've been in the Big 8 to roll in this

DF Prediction: Deerfield Beach

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Deerfield Beach

Winner: Taravella

Top 8 teams in 7A Region 3:

Forest Hill/12.8, Dwyer/12.3, Wellington/10.8, Park vista/13.4, Deerfield Beach/14.1, Taravella/5.6, Santaluces/9.1, Vero Beach/7.1, this is going by the ranking in Maxpreps

Bubble Team(s):

Ok so lets go with this formula, PB Lakes/13.5, PB Central/7.2, Jupiter/11.4, Lake Worth/10.4, so whoever in district 10 can pull off the impossible they will get in, if Lake Worth can get to the distrist title game that means Santaluces is out. Also Vero beach has to make the championship game or they will be out.


Western is a lock for the play-offs but Coach Looky and Cypress Bay will make a case because they have to win to get in, but the dark horse is Gulf Coast High, you heard it first. Cypress Bay with the district

DF Prediction: Western

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Western

Winner: Western


A heavyweight match we been waiting to see, Miramar who made the Big 8 vs Dr. Krop who made the GMAC, going to be juicy to watch (Broward vs Dade) Dr.Krop in the win

DF Prediction: Dr Krop

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Miramar

Winner: Miramar


Another great one to watch (Coral Park vs Coral Gables) that district is really stacked especially with the likes of young teams like, Miami High, Miami Beach and Columbus. I like Coral Park with the win.

DF Prediction: Coral Park

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Coral Park

Winner: Miami High


Mia Palmetto are in Regionals and will look to top it off with a district title. In order for Braddock to make it they have to make a run at the district title and beat Coral Reef. Miami Palmetto

DF Prediction: Palmetto

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Palmetto

Winner: Braddock

Top 8 teams in Region 4:

Miramar/14.6, Coral Gables/10.6, Coral Park/10.4, Western/10.2, Columbus/12.5, Dr. Krop/1.9, Cypress Bay/10.3 Miami High/10.1

Bubble team(s):

Coral Glades/4.8, If they can beat Taravella, they get in.


Martin County looks like an overwhelming favorite in this race.

The Rest:

Atlantic, Olympic Heights, Seminole Ridge, West Boca Raton


County has been building towards this all season and looks to be a solid front runner. Atlantic is super talented but yet to put it all together, if they can things could get interesting. Eagles most likely need to win the district championship to have a shot of advancing to the regional round.

DF Prediction: Martin County - Martin County is the runaway favorite in a surprisingly disappointing district.

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Martin County

Winner: Martin County


The crown jewel district in the state, the best of the best, champions and former champions are here, I like Dillard, but whoever wins could be on collision course with South Miami for the regional championship and a look at possibly winning Lakeland.

DF Prediction: Dillard

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Dillard

Winner: Dillard


Ray has built a monster over at North Miami and now in a district with former state title coach Barta at South Broward and the traditional district champs McArthur, I like McArthur in an upset, with everything on the line to get in.

DF Prediction: McArthur

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: North Miami

Winner: McArthur


another district where you have to be built tough, with the loss of Devin Carter for Doral it makes them very vulnerable, so a South Miami / Mater Academy showdown is eminent. South Miami with the dub

DF Prediction: South Miami

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: South Miami

Winner: Mater Academy

Top 8 teams and Strength of Schedule in Class 6a/ Region 4:

South Miami/13.6, Mater Academy/14.6, Dillard/17.4, Martin County/6.8, Fort Lauderdale/9.4, North Miami/10.5, Doral Academy/9.1, Miami Palmetto/6.7

Bubble Team(s):

Ely 9-12/15.6 with the add-on of Dudley Blackwell and how there starting to gel a trip to the district title game and the team you don't want to see because of all the damage they can do is easily in the Regional play-offs look for Ely if they can get to the title game overtake Doral's spot and sneak into the play-off's.
McArthur 13-14/13.2 if they can put together a miracle run of there own, they will be the second team from there district to get in if not Fort Lauderdale High stays and 3 teams get in from District 14


Okeechobee and Suncoast take the top two seeds.

The Rest:

Boynton Beach


Suncoast has played one of the toughest schedules in the area. All that tough competition looks to payoff now during playoff time. There are no guarantees in this new playoff format if teams don't win the district championship. Suncoast and Okeechobee both need the win and look to be on a collision course.

DF Prediction: Suncoast - tough to call I know Coach Powell and Suncoast is itching to see what Okeechobee has. Suncoast if they win districts and there tough schedule guarantee's them atleast a last spot in the playoffs. Suncoast with the dub

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Suncoast

Winner: Okeechobee


another district with the toughest teams in the state and this will be a war to watch, I like Pines Charter with the district title but wait until Regionals BA and Northeast will still be saying hello round 3 or 4 we still want some more.

DF Prediction: Pines Charter

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Northeast

Winner: Northeast


Miami Norland has a picked a nice time of the year to start putting everything together, I like with the title. Norland with the automatic

DF Prediction: Norland

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Norland

Winner: Norland


Never going to bet against Coach ChaChi and what he has done, Belen Jesuit all day

DF Prediction: Belen

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Belen

Winner: Northwestern

Top teams and Strength of Schedule in 5a/Region 4:

Pines Charter/10.3, Northeast/16.7, Boyd Anderson/14.2, Okeechobee/0.8, Norland/10.3, Belen Jesuit/7.6, Suncoast/12.6, American Heritage/9.4

Bubble team:

Coconut Creek/11.3 with a surprise win or 2 in districts they could move past American Heritage for the 8th spot.

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After a rocky regular season Inlet Grove still managed to secure the top seed.

The Rest:

Glades Central, Inlet Grove


This district is WIDE open.

DF Prediction:

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Inlet Grove

Winner: Lincoln Park


Pine Crest and North Broward Prep lock in the top two seeds.

The Rest:

American Heritage, Somerset Canyons, Cardinal Gibbons, Pompano Beach, Coral Springs Charter


Tough district with some serious D1 talent. Another wide open division but should come down to the #1 and #2 seeds.

DF Prediction: Pine Crest - Pine Crest has been playing well all year long and with a district where 3 teams will get in, Pine Crest will be the champions.

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: North Broward Prep

Winner: Pine Crest


DF Prediction: Stranahan - Stranahan will be the champs as they are clicking on all cylinders Nova U-School has really been struggling as of late. Hallandale has been steady

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Stranahan

Winner: University School


DF Prediction: Miami Springs

#PBCHOOPS Prediction:

Winner: Monsignor Pace


A lot of youth and new faces in the coaches seats in this district, but you have to like Tony's abilities and Gulliver's chances. Gulliver Prep with the District

DF Prediction: Gulliver Prep

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Gulliver Prep

Winner: Gulliver Prep

Top 8 teams in 4a Region 4 with strength of schedule:

U-School/18.6, Stranahan/16.9, Gulliver Prep/12.6, Pine Crest/12.0, North Broward Prep/10.0, Hallandale/8.7, Mater Lakes Academy/8.1, Miami Springs/-2.3

Bubble Teams:

Cardinal Gibbons with a 7.2 strength of schedule has a chance if they can make a strong district run especially


This a heavyweight district led by three-time defending state champ Westminster Academy in the #1 spot and Calvary Christian as the #2 seed.

The Rest:

FAU High, Yeshiva, Sagemont, Somerset Prep


A pretty good rivalry over the years now gets better since Westminster and Calvary are in the same class and district. Sagemont could be a sleeper.

DF Prediction: Calvary Christian - The Clash of the Century could be done right here, Calvary Christian vs Westminster Academy sounds very promising. I like Calvary Christian

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Westminster Academy

Winner: Westminster Academy


The Scot's have been dominant all season playing the best of the best.

The Rest:

Benjamin, Cardinal Newman, Jupiter Christian, King's Academy, Oxbridge Academy, Saint John Paul II Academy


Really not much to see here, St Andrew's will cruise through the bracket.

DF Prediction: Saint Andrew's - This district is really maturing and in time will be an amazing district but for now St.Andrews is king of the block

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Saint Andrew's

Winner: Saint Andrew's

Top teams and Strength of Schedule in 3a Region 3:

Santa Fe Catholic/14.8, Westminster Academy/20.0, St.Andrews/13.3, Calvary christian/15.3, Sagemont/11.2, Holy Trinity/5.7, Cardinal Newman/8.0, Somerset Prep 11.8

Bubble Teams:

Lakeland Christian has a chance to make the play-offs if they can get to the District Championship.
Jupiter Christian's strength of schedule really hurt them they have to go on a major run in the district play-offs

Top 8 teams and strength in 3a Region 4:

Chaminade-Madonna/18.6, Riveria Prep/10.2, Westminster Christian/13.6, Florida Christian/8.3, Divine Savior Academy/-2.8, Ransom Everglades -3.3, Somerset Academy Silver Palms/-2.9
Miami Country Day/4.8


Lake Worth Christian gets the #1 spot followed by a young and talented Atlantic Christian in the #2 spot.

The Rest:

Berean Christian, Glades Day, Trinity Christian

DF Prediction: Lake Worth Christian

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Lake Worth Christian

Winner: Lake Worth Christian


Once again Grandview Prep locks in the #1 seed. Village Academy gets the #2 seed after a strong regular season.

The Rest:

Boca Raton Christian, Donna Klein Academy, Highlands Christian, Somerset Key


Grandview has been up and down all season, to secure another district title they will need to go defeat a solid Village Academy team.

DF Prediction: Grandview Prep

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Grandview Prep

Winner: Grandview Prep


DF Prediction: Champagnat Catholic

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Champagnat Catholic

Winner: Champagnat Catholic


DF Prediction: Schoolhouse Prep

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Schoolhouse Prep

Winner: Schoolhouse Prep

Top 8 teams in Region 4 and Strength of Schedule:

SchoolHouse Prep/17.3, Grandview Prep/8.0, Champagnat Catholic/12.7, Village Academy/5.8,
Miami Christian/3.1, Avant Garde/-12.3, LW Christian/-5.2,
Atlantic Christian/-1.1

Bubble Teams:

Somerset Academy Key/-0.7 a nice run to the championship game will help with the schools first bid since being known as Zion Lutheran.


#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Pahokee

Winner: Wildwood

District Tournament Schedules

All games played at HOST site unless noted/Emphasized

8-1A Host: Higher seed

#1 Wildwood
#2 Pahokee
#3 Vanguard
#4 Crescent City
#5 Fort Meade


GM 2 Mon 2/10/20 6:00PM Fort Meade 47 vs Crescent City 68
GM 5 Wed 2/12/20 6:00PM Wildwood 66 vs Crescent City 23
GM 6 Wed 2/12/20 6:00PM Pahokee 67 vs Vanguard 58
GM 7 Sat 2/15/20 7:00PM CHAMPIONSHIP Wildwood 69 vs Pahokee 53

13-2A Host: Lake Worth Christian

#1 Lake Worth Christian
#2 Atlantic Christian
#3 Trinity Christian Academy
#4 Berean Christian
#5 Glades Day
#6 Pine


GM 2 Mon 2/10/20 5:00PM Berean Christian 70 vs Glades Day 55
GM 3 Mon 2/10/20 7:00PM Trinity Christian 89 vs Pine 37
GM 5 Tue 2/11/20 5:00PM Berean Christian 42 vs Lake Worth Christian 59
GM 6 Tue 2/11/20 7:00PM Trinity Christian 28 vs Atlantic Christian 34
GM 7 Thur 2/13/20 7:00PM CHAMPIONSHIP Lake Worth Christian 46 vs Atlantic Christian 35

14-2A Host: Boca Raton Christian

#1 Grandview Prep
#2 Village Academy
#3 Somerset Academy Key
#4 Highlands Christian
#5 Donna Klein
#6 Boca Raton Christian


GM 2 Mon 2/10/20 5:00PM Highlands Christian 73 vs Donna Klein 55
GM 3 Mon 2/10/20 7:00PM Somerset Academy Key 60 vs Boca Raton Christian 64
GM 5 Tue 2/11/20 5:00PM Grandview Prep 93 vs Highlands Christian 65
GM 6 Tue 2/11/20 7:00PM Village Academy 60 vs Boca Raton Christian 58 (OT)
GM 7 Fri 2/14/20 7:00PM CHAMPIONSHIP Grandview Prep 73 vs Village Academy 56

12-3A Host: Westminster Academy

#1 Westminster Academy
#2 Calvary Christian
#3 Sagemont
#4 Somerset Prep
#5 Katz Yeshiva
#6 FAU High


GM 2 Mon 2/10/20 5:30PM Yeshiva 51 vs Somerset Prep 70
GM 3 Mon 2/10/20 7:00PM Sagemont 81 vs FAU High 37
GM 4 Wed 2/12/20 5:30PM Calvary Christian 59 vs Sagemont 52
GM 4 Wed 2/12/20 7:00PM Westminster Academy 77 vs Somerset Prep 44
GM 4 Sat 2/15/20 7:00PM CHAMPIONSHIP Westminster Academy 82 vs Calvary Christian 63

11-3A Host: Saint Andrew's

#1 Saint Andrew's
#2 Cardinal Newman
#3 Jupiter Christian
#4 King's Academy
#5 Benjamin
#6 Saint John Paul II
#7 Oxbridge Academy


GM 2 Mon 2/10/20 7:00PM King's Academy 85 vs Benjamin 80 (2OT) @King's
GM 3 Mon 2/10/20 7:00PM Jupiter Christian 64 vs SJPII 62 (OT) @JC
GM 4 Mon 2/10/20 7:00PM Oxbridge 38 vs Cardinal Newman 61 @Newman
GM 5 Wed 2/12/20 5:30PM St Andrew's 65 vs King's Academy 35
GM 6 Wed 2/12/20 7:00PM Jupiter Christian 51 vs Cardinal Newman 56
GM 7 Fri 2/14/20 7:00PM CHAMPIONSHIP St Andrew's 79 vs Cardinal Newman 50

13-4A Host: Cardinal Gibbons

#1 Pine Crest
#2 North Broward Prep
#3 Cardinal Gibbons
#4 American Heritage
#5 Coral Springs Charter
#6 Somerset Canyons
#7 Pompano Beach


GM 2 Tue 2/11/20 4:30PM AH 40 vs CS Charter 45
GM 3 Tue 2/11/20 6:00PM Gibbons 45 vs Somerset 57
GM 4 Tue 2/11/20 7:30PM Pompano 47 vs NBP 73
GM 5 Wed 2/12/20 6:00PM Pine Crest 70 vs Coral Springs Charter 52
GM 6 Wed 2/12/20 7:30PM Somerset Canyons 56 vs North Broward Prep 62 (OT)
GM 7 Fri 2/14/20 7:30PM CHAMPIONSHIP Pine Crest 56 vs North Broward Prep 51

12-4A Host: Clewiston

#1 Inlet Grove
#2 Lincoln Park
#3 Glades Central
#4 Labelle
#5 Clewiston


GM 2 Tue 2/11/20 5:00PM Labelle 51 vs Clewiston 49
GM 5 Wed 2/12/20 5:00PM Lincoln Park 52 vs Glades Central 44
GM 6 Wed 2/12/20 7:00PM Inlet Grove 66 vs Labelle 71
GM 7 Fri 2/14/20 7:00PM CHAMPIONSHIP Labelle 45 vs Lincoln Park 76

13-5A Host: Okeechobee

#1 Okeechobee
#2 Suncoast
#3 Ft Pierce Westwood
#4 Jensen Beach
#5 Port Saint Lucie
#6 Boynton Beach


GM 2 Tue 2/11/20 7:00PM PSL 29 vs Jensen 40 @ Jensen
GM 3 Tue 2/11/20 7:00PM Westwood 55 vs Boynton 42 @ Westwood
GM 5 Wed 2/12/20 7:00PM Okeechobee 58 vs Jensen Beach 31
GM 6 Wed 2/12/20 5:30PM Suncoast 64 vs Westwood 55
GM 7 Fri 2/14/20 7:00PM CHAMPIONSHIP Okeechobee 64 vs Suncoast 60

13-6A Host: Olympic Heights

#1 Martin County
#2 Atlantic
#3 West Boca Raton
#4 South Fork
#5 Seminole Ridge
#6 Olympic Heights


GM 2 Tue 2/11/20 7:00PM Seminole Ridge 61 vs South Fork 69 @South Fork
GM 3 Tue 2/11/20 7:00PM Olympic Heights 64 vs West Boca Raton 67 @West Boca Raton
GM 5 Wed 2/12/20 5:30PM Martin County 68 vs South Fork 50
GM 6 Wed 2/12/20 7:30PM Atlantic 70 vs West Boca 49
GM 7 Fri 2/14/20 7:00PM CHAMPIONSHIP Atlantic 55 vs Martin County 71

11-7A Host: Boca Raton

#1 Park Vista
#2 Santaluces
#3 Lake Worth
#4 Boca Raton
#5 John I Leonard
#6 Spanish River


GM 2 Tue 2/11/20 7:30PM Boca 60 vs John I 62
GM 3 Tue 2/11/20 6:00PM Lake Worth 54 vs Spanish River 53
GM 5 Wed 2/12/20 7:30PM Park Vista 77 vs John I Leonard 64
GM 6 Wed 2/12/20 6:00PM Santaluces 82 vs Lake Worth 47
GM 7 Fri 2/14/20 6:00PM CHAMPIONSHIP Park Vista 56 vs Santaluces 55

10-7A Host: Palm Beach Central

#1 Forest Hill
#2 Wellington
#3 Palm Beach Central
#4 Palm Beach Lakes
#5 Jupiter
#6 Royal Palm Beach


GM 2 Tue 2/11/20 6:00PM Lakes 57 vs Jupiter 54
GM 3 Tue 2/11/20 7:30PM RPB 79 vs PB Central 77
GM 5 Wed 2/12/20 7:30PM Forest Hill 95 vs Palm Beach Lakes 77
GM 6 Wed 2/12/20 6:00PM Wellington 68 vs RPB 67
GM 7 Fri 2/14/20 7:00PM CHAMPIONSHIP Forest Hill 77 vs Wellington 52

9-7A Host: Fort Pierce Central

#1 Dwyer
#2 Vero Beach
#3 Treasure Coast
#4 Fort Pierce Central
#5 Centennial
#6 Palm Beach Gardens


GM 2 Tue 2/11/20 6:00PM Centennial 65 vs Central 62
GM 3 Tue 2/11/20 7:30PM Treasure Coast 86 vs PBG 76
GM 5 Wed 2/12/20 7:00PM Dwyer 70 vs Centennial 27
GM 6 Wed 2/12/20 5:30PM Vero Beach 48 vs Treasure Coast 54
GM 7 Fri 2/14/20 7:00PM CHAMPIONSHIP Dwyer 59 vs Treasure Coast 39

Stock Risers Camp

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