First Look: Angelina Kohlwaies

2023 Angelina Kohlwaies is a prospect out of West Palm Beach Cardinal Newman. The 5-foot-9 guard has gone through some serious trials and tribulations during her high school career. Her story is one of incredible perseverance as she approaches her senior season.

Kohlwaies tore her ACL back in June of 2021 during team camp. Her recovery was much harder than expected. Kohlwaies often felt tired during the process. Her discipline and time away from the game were two motivating factors in her rehabilitation. That is why Kohlwaies was very excited when she was cleared to practice with contact. It also meant she could play for her father again, Thomas Kohlwaies, and for Greg Farias on FGB South Florida.

Yet...she would suffer another setback before her debut.

Kohlwaies tore her ACL again this past March. The news was devastating and tough for her to comprehend. Kohlwaies seemingly did everything right during her previous recovery. After surgery, she was informed her latest tear was due to the growth of a calcium deposit. Kohlwaies had an allergic reaction to the metal screws in her knee from the previous surgery. Her bone mass was growing and cutting away at her ACL throughout the entirety of her recovery. The inevitable just happened to come in March. Her ACL was essentially hanging by a thread.

Once again, Kohlwaies' adversity was tested. But god had a plan for her and she leaned on his strength for a second time. It also gave Kohlwaies another perspective and outlook. She had become a better player and person from her ordeal. Kohlwaies' growth and wisdom, as well as her love for the game grew even stronger. Specifically, she realized the heart, dedication, discipline, confidence, and consistency that was needed to get her where she wanted to be.

Kohlwaies also learned how to become a better leader, despite being forced to the sidelines. She picked up ways to guide and inspire her teammates away from the court. Kohlwaies intends to use those leadership skills as a senior. She is also hoping to get back on the court by January. However, a return date has yet to be determined.

A return by Kohlwaies could help Cardinal Newman to the state tournament. The Crusaders have plenty of talent alongside her to make that goal a formality. A good schedule should also prepare them for a playoff run.

Kohlwaies also wants to prove herself before her time at Cardinal Newman comes to an end. Her current training over the past three months has included doing stationary ball handling drills and form shots. Kohlwaies is seeing progress and believes the hard work will pay off. It might be only a matter of time before she sees the court again. After all, Kohlwaies has been fighting from day one. What she learned from her injury has only strengthened her resolve. That mindset will certainly not deter her now.

One of her future goals is to play for the University of Michigan, but Kohlwaies says she would be happy to play anywhere in college. Despite her unorthodox journey, Kohlwaies' dedication from her past experiences could make that dream a reality.

Other information:
Sophomore statistics: 12.1 ppg, 5.9 rpg, 4.1 apg, 3.6 spg and 1.4 bpg.
Weighted GPA: 4.72
Twitter: @Angiekohlwaies

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