TEAM #PBCHOOPS 2024 Notebook - "Summer Championships" Recap 8/6/22

The 2022 #PBCHOOPS "Summer Championships" was an absolute win for the classes of 2023 and 2024. So many talented student athletes that represented many different travel programs & shoe circuits. Young guys that have played on Adidas, Nike to well respected independent programs. To see the competition and how the 2 classes competed was a jewel within itself. I had the chance to follow the TEAM #PBCHOOPS 2024 team coached by Larry Brown of South Florida Elite. 2024 in Palm Beach is loaded with size, talent and toughness and from yesterday's showcase I just wanted to give you a few names I've seen in a loaded 2024 class

The Squad

Hedrens "JR " Bartelus 6' 5" Wing (Lake Worth HS c/o 2024)

Came in with something to prove and has done so all summer. The progression in his game is coming full circle. He runs the floor both offensively and defensively like a man possessed. Can push the rock up the floor find creases and accelerates at getting to the rim, he's a problem in the open court. Athletically gifted who causes havoc on the offensive and defensive glass. Finishes well at the rim, has a developing outside game to go with his midrange game, once he sees the ball go through the basket, it increases his confidence to shoot and make the long ball. Defensively on ball with his long wingspan, he uses it to blanket his cover and go for steals. Watched him yesterday go against great competition and stand apart from the great competition. Things that you would like to see change, become a more consistent shooter from deep, become more focused at the free throw line, has a tendency to reach instead of staying in front of his guy. Develop his half court ball handle.

With "J.R" coming into his junior year expect him to grow in height and continue to get better. Can change a game in an instant with his energy and hustle, just ask Dwyer. He will be a name we will definitely hear soon and not just in the state of Florida.

Jeremy "B.Smooth" Innocent 6' 7" WGF (Lake Worth HS c/o 2024)

2yrs ago this kid didn't even play High School basketball, until his sophomore year at Lake Worth and started. Yes, I will say it, will his skillset and what he does. He is definitely the top prospect in Palm Beach County for 2024. He 6'7 super long wingspan, he runs the floor, an amazing passer, rebounds well, finishes with a soft touch around the rim, has a lot of razzle dazzle with his ball handle and has such great showmanship. "Are you not entertained"!!!!.. But with all the great things said, he has to get stronger and build his body, it will also help his lateral speed and leaping ability, has to become more of a scoring threat and has to shoot the ball better. He reminds you of a poor man's Scottie Barnes, especially Scottie's younger years. So, he's to unselfish and not selfish enough. Just like Hedrens the sky is the limit, but he has some work to do, to get there. But he's a once in a while prospect. And they don't come around often. News flash he just turned 16

Ransom Soles 6' 5" SG (The King's Academy c/o 2024)

Ok he's one of Palm Beach County best kept secrets. He shoots and makes 3's as though their layups. He's release is so quick and the elevation he gets on his shots makes it impossible to defend. He's super confident in himself. I got the chance at one point to watch him and Blake Wilson go back and forth trading 3 for 3 at an extremely high rate. You can see a lot of improvement in his game, he's starting to rebounds out of area, he doesn't just stand around. He's a willing defender. He developing into just more than a specialist and he's looking to get to the top of the class. Just some things I took into note, he has to get slimmer and defined, especially in his lower body, will make for better quickness, increase in athleticism and lateral movement, must become a willing ball handler to take pressure and create shots for himself. Kings Academy is in for a treat and if you don't get to know him now, he will be a steal for a college. Warning he hits 3's like he's making layups.

David Nelson 6' 4' (Palm Beach Central c/o 2024)

Steady, calm, strong these are the things that jump out at you as soon as you watch Mr. Nelson. He plays at his own pace, he's calm never seemed rattled, he's a talker always communicating to his teammates and he is strong for a 6'4 guard. Uses his body well to shield and bump off, a little left hand heavy but can go right, show's a low center of gravity at the point of his attacks, understands how to put smaller players in the post and take bigger players off the dribble. He's a willing passer with sneaky athleticism. He's another quiet storm waiting to come out and show the county who he is. He has to develop into a shooter to compliment all the other things he does well offensively. He's a really good on ball defender who needs to get better at help side coverage. With his incredible strength and athleticism, we would love to see him play above the rim more. The bottom-line David has some time to develop into a complete combo guard with an incredible defensive prowess. Which would make him an easy top 10 prospect in the class of 2024.

Victor Estevoa 6' 6" PF (Lake Worth HS c/o 2024)

First game they played against PBChoops 2023, he was player of the game came in and knocked down 4's and had about 2 lay-ups. Victor is solid. He's a jack of all trades, master of none. Perfect release form, can knock down outside as well as inside mid-range jumpers. Very much a willing defender, but has to turn into a versatile defender, has to get his core and lower body right to get faster and more athletic and develop lateral movement. Once he starts rebounding at a higher rate, he will be hard to defend, he has a knack for being around the ball whether on the offensive or defensive board, just had to fight more for the ball. Bottom line, at 6'6 nice frame, can shoot it, handle it some, rebound some and wants to defend. Victor will easily find himself in a good college if he continues to develop. He makes a long list of prospects that Lake Worth has at its school alone.

Mario McDonnough 5' 8" PG (Forest Hill HS c/o 2024)

Tough, solid, rugged. Didn't see him back down at all to none of the competition yesterday. Held his own against some solid guards. He's definitely in the mold of how Coach Tony Watson likes his guards. He made the pass of the day coming down the middle in transition, he had two teammates running on his left and right. Looked one teammate off wrapped it around like he was passing it to the one he was looking at and made a forward wrap around to the one he looked off. Consummate team first guy. To where he was too selfless at times. He was a willing defender to whomever had the ball didn't back down and you can tell he's one of those kids that will guard you 94 to 94 making your life miserable. Made a great stop and pull-up mid-range in transition which was the right play to make. Because he's such a team first guy would like to see him be a little more selfish. Wanted to see his extended range from 3 didn't see much of it and again defers when he needs to be the lead guard. Overall "T.Wat" gets his guys prepared and they all understand basketball and Mario doesn't fall short of any of his players Coach has had in years past. Definitely look forward to his growth and development which will be the next evolution in his game.

Joseph "JoJo" Rogers 5' 8" PG (Lake Worth HS c/o 2024)

I love JoJo, fast, quick, smart, relaxed, athletic. He doesn't jump off at you at first sight, but if you watch him, he's growing into a dog. He's so underestimated, JoJo shows different burst in his game, he shoots it well, smart defensively, he handles the ball well, instinctively he progresses the game at another level. He comes from a great bloodline his cousin is former Palm Beach standout KJ Fitzgerald. He's playing behind Palm Beach County Player of the Year Calvin "Bobo" Sirmans. We would like to see growth and development in his body and consistency in his game, he seems at times to take the game to easy and not always bringing it. He made a highlight reel layup showing off his athleticism with a circus reverse through traffic against the likes of Marouf and Mason, finishing at the height of his leaping ability. So, he shows how talented he is but he has to show consistency.

Emmanuel "E-man" Augustin 5' 6" PG (John I Leonard HS c/o 2024)

Fast, Fast, fast with speed... He's very shifty quick and makes incredible lay-ups against bigger players as evident in the highlights. When he decides to go north and south, basket to basket he's the next Muggsy Bogues with respect, side note younger generation if you don't know who he is looking him up. Emmanuel is a pest defensively, he sticks to you and doesn't let you go, he definitely has the ability to guard you 94 to 94. With respect to him and his size he is the toughest by far the toughest basketball player I've encountered, with no disrespect to Bobo. E-man has been doubted, looked past and an afterthought. But I will definitely say this he is easily a top 30 prospect in Palm Beach County. He must learn to get more on ball and off ball steals, develop his spot up shooting game. Physically get stronger. Overall, with Emmanuel once he develops his shooting game and understand offensively pushing the rock and getting downhill will put immense pressure on the defense don't get lost by over driving, but constant pressure by pushing the ball and defensively picking up more steals will definitely separate him amongst his peers.

Players that didn't attend but look out, no particular order.

Palm Beach County 2024

Brooklyn Vick, St. Andrews School
Trey Rieland, St. Andrews School
Tyler Griffin, West Boca
Anthony Rodriguez, St. John Paul ii
Ethan Litten, Spanish River
Lavar Jamison, Boca High
Luke Dahmer, Boca High
Brendan Mahoney, Boca High
DJ Jenkins, Boynton Beach High
Ryder Callenius, Park Vista
Reggie Workman, Forest Hill
Matthew Puodziukatis, Palm Beach Central
Reggie Reinhardt, Wellington
Toney Collins, Wellington
Jayden Coney, RPB
Carlos Canales, RPB
ZachBrown, Palm Beach Lakes
Stone Bureau, Suncoast
Ian Smikle, Suncoast
Jeremiah Police, Suncoast
Hunter Presson
Amari Nealy, Dwyer
Jaelen Nelson, Dwyer
Kenny Greenling, Jupiter
Talan Caudell, Jupiter
Conner Hoffman, Jupiter Christian
Jermaine Council, Kings Academy
DJ Reyes, Benjamin
Bendrick Lendor, Somerset Canyons
Xander Eason, Trinity Christian
Keyon Stephens, PBG
Jacob Shecter, PBC

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