#PBCHOOPS 2021-22 Boys All County 1st Team- 2nd Team


1st Team

Kendall Seguignol (Palm Beach Central) c/o 2022
Michael Cooper (Forest Hill) c/o 2022
Brendan Williams (Wellington) c/o 2022
Caleb Mackrey (Olympic Heights) c/o 2022
Kyle Edison (Saint John Paul II) c/o 2023
Kyle McNeal (Dwyer) c/o 2023

2nd Team

Alex Houck (Jupiter) c/o 2022
Matthew James (Jupiter Christian) c/o 2023
Gavin Aydelotte (Benjamin) c/o 2023
Marouf Moumine (Cardinal Newman) c/o 2023
Ian Smickle (Suncoast) c/o 2024
Elijah Duval (Martin County) c/o 2024

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