[UPDATED SCORES 2/11/22 11:40PM] Behind the Final #PBCHOOPS Top 5 2/6/22 and 2021-22 Boys District Previews & Predictions

#PBCHOOPS 2022 District Playoff Preview Podcast with Jean-Camille Dubuisson II (RMF Magazine) and picks by Senior #PBCHOOPS Contributor Derrick Franklin

Click this link to view all South Florida District Brackets and results

Final Regular Season #PBCHOOPS Top 5 for the 2021-22 Season:

Here's the final #PBCHOOPS Top 5 for the 2021-22 Season:

District Playoff Predictions

The FHSAA has switched back to ranking points for not only district seeding but for regional playoff selection, the last few weeks saw quite a few changes as many teams moved up or down based on a few decimal points on the rankings. How much of an impact with that have on the final results? We find out beginning this week. Here's a look at the districts championships and projected winners:

Link to District Brackets http://pbchoops.com/pbchoops2/2022-districts


Schools: Centennial, Treasure Coast, Palm Beach Gardens, Ft Pierce Central, Palm Beach Lakes, Vero Beach, Jupiter

Dark Horse Palm Beach Gardens, Palm Beach Lakes, Jupiter

RMF Prediction: Centennial

DF Prediction: Centennial

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Centennial

Winner: Centennial


Schools: Lake Worth, Forest Hill, Santaluces, Wellington, John I Leonard, Palm Beach Central, Royal Palm Beach

RMF Prediction: Lake Worth

DF Prediction: Lake Worth

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Lake Worth

Winner: Wellington


Schools: Coral Springs, Spanish River, Deerfield Beach, Park Vista, Douglas, Boca Raton, West Boca, Monarch

Dark Horse Boca Raton, Douglas, Coral Springs

RMF Prediction: West Boca

DF Prediction: Deerfield Beach

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: West Boca

Winner: Coral Springs


Schools: Cypress Bay, South Plantation, Taravella, Western, Ft Lauderdale, Coral Glades

RMF Prediction: Cypress Bay

DF Prediction: Cypress Bay

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Cypress Bay

Winner: Cypress Bay


Schools: Cooper City, South Broward, Hialeah Gardens, Flanagan, Goleman, West Broward, Dr. Krop

Dark Horse Flanagan

RMF Prediction: Cooper City

DF Prediction: Flanagan

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Cooper City

Winner: West Broward


Schools: Columbus, Coral Gables, Braddock, Miami, Doral, Miami Beach

RMF Prediction: Columbus

DF Prediction: Columbus

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Columbus

Winner: Columbus


Schools: Palmetto, Ferguson, Coral Reef, Southwest, South Dade

Dark Horse Southwest, Ferguson

RMF Prediction: Palmetto

DF Prediction: Palmetto

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Palmetto

Winner: Palmetto


Schools: Martin County, South Fork, Atlantic, Dwyer, Olympic Heights, Seminole Ridge

RMF Prediction: Martin County

DF Prediction: Dwyer

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Dwyer

Winner: Martin County


Schools: Pines Charter, Plantation, Dillard, Blanche Ely, St Thomas Aquinas, Nova, Piper, Boyd Anderson

Dark Horse Blanche Ely, Boyd Anderson

RMF Prediction: Pines Charter

DF Prediction: Pines Charter

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Pines Charter

Winner: Pines Charter


Schools: North Miami. McArthur, Hialeah, American, Everglades, Miramar

Dark Horse

RMF Prediction: McArthur

DF Prediction: North Miami

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: McArthur

Winner: North Miami


Schools: Southridge, Coral Park, Homestead, Mater, Varela, Reagan

RMF Prediction: Southridge

DF Prediction: Southridge

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Southridge

Winner: Mater


Schools: Rockledge, Port St. Lucie, Jensen Beach, Okeechobee, Bayside, Eau Gallie, Merritt Island

Dark Horse

DF Prediction: Rockledge

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Rockledge



Schools: Stranahan, Boynton Beach, Northeast, Suncoast, American Heritage-Plantation, Coconut Creek

Dark Horse American Heritage-Plantation

RMF Prediction: Stranahan

DF Prediction: Stranahan

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Suncoast

Winner: Stranahan


Schools: Norland, Alonzo Mourning. Hialeah-Miami Lakes, Archbishop McCarthy, Hollywood Hills

RMF Prediction: Norland

DF Prediction: Norland

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Norland

Winner: Norland


Schools: Northwestern, South Miami, Miami Central, Belen Jesuit, TERRA

Dark Horse Miami Central, Belen

RMF Prediction: Northwestern

DF Prediction: Northwestern

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Northwestern

Winner: Belen


Schools: Calvary Christian, North Broward Prep, Coral Springs Charter, Pine Crest, Pompano Beach, Glades Central, Somerset Canyons, American Heritage

RMF Prediction: Calvary Christian

DF Prediction: Calvary Christian

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: North Broward Prep

Winner: Calvary Christian


Schools: Cardinal Gibbons, North Miami Beach, Somerset Academy Pembroke Pines, University School, Franklin Academy, Hallandale, Carol City

Dark Horse Hallandale

RMF Prediction: University School

DF Prediction: Cardinal Gibbons

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: University School

Winner: Cardinal Gibbons


Schools: Mater Lakes, Miami Jackson, Booker T Washington, Miami Springs, Westland, Monsignor Pace, iMater

Dark Horse Monsignor Pace

RMF Prediction: Mater Lakes

DF Prediction: Mater Lakes

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Mater Lakes

Winner: Mater Lakes


Schools: St Brendan, Key West, Gulliver Prep, Sunset, Killian, SLAM. Key Gate, LaSalle

RMF Prediction: St Brendan

DF Prediction: Killian

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: St Brendan

Winner: Killian


Schools: Benjamin, Somerset College Prep, Inlet Grove, Jupiter Christian, John Carroll

Dark Horse John Carroll

RMF Prediction: Jupiter Christian

DF Prediction: Benjamin

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Benjamin

Winner: Benjamin


Schools: Saint Andrew's, King's Academy, Oxbridge Academy, Saint John Paul II, FAU High, Cardinal Newman, Katz Yeshiva

Dark Horse King's Academy

RMF Prediction: Cardinal Newman

DF Prediction: St Andrew's

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Cardinal Newman

Winner: Saint John Paul II


Schools: Westminster Academy, Somerset Key, Chaminade, Somerset Prep, Avante Garde, Posnack

Dark Horse Somerset Prep

RMF Prediction: Westminster Academy

DF Prediction: Westminster Academy

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Westminster Academy

Winner: Westminster Academy


Schools: Miami Country Day, Miami Edison, Scheck Hillel, Divine Savior, Hialeah Educational, International Studies

Dark Horse Edison, Divine Savior

RMF Prediction: Miami Country Day

DF Prediction: Miami Country Day

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Miami Country Day

Winner: Miami Country Day


Schools: Riviera Prep, Archbishop Carroll, Pinecrest Prep, Florida Christian, Ransom Everglades, Archimedean

Dark Horse Ransom Everglades

RMF Prediction: Riviera Prep

DF Prediction: Florida Christian

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Florida Christian

Winner: Riviera Prep


Schools: Somerset Academy South Homestead, Palmer Trinity, Coral Shores, Westminster Christian, Marathon, Somerset Silver Palms, Everglades Prep

Dark Horse Somerset Silver Palms

RMF Prediction: Westminster Christian

DF Prediction: Westminster Christian

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Somerset Academy South Homestead

Winner: Westminster Christian


Schools: Morningside Academy, St. Edwards, Pine School, Atlantic Christian, Berean Christian

RMF Prediction: Atlantic Christian

DF Prediction: Morningside Academy

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Atlantic Christian

Winner: Morningside Academy


Schools: Lake Worth Christian, Village Academy, Glades Day, Grandview Prep, Trinity Christian

Dark Horse Village Academy

RMF Prediction: Grandview Prep

DF Prediction: Grandview Prep

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Grandview Prep

Winner: Lake Worth Christian


Schools: Sagemont ,Boca Raton Christian, Brito, Champagnat, Donna Klein, Highlands Christian, Horeb Christian, Sheridan Hills

RMF Prediction: Sagemont

DF Prediction: Sagemont

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Sagemont

Winner: Sagemont


Schools: Colonial Christian, Cushman, Dade Christian, Greater Miami, Hebrew Academy, Miami Christian, True North, Westwood Christian

Dark Horse Miami Christian

RMF Prediction: Miami Christian

DF Prediction: Dade Christian

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Dade Christian

Winner: True North

#PBCHOOPS District Tournament Schedules

Schedule per MaxPreps

13-2A Seeding

#1 Morningside
#2 Atlantic Christian
#3 Berean Christian
#4 St Edwards
#5 Pine School


GM 2 Tue 2/8/22 7:00PM Pine School 51 vs St Edwards 49 OT
GM 5 Wed 2/9/22 TBD Pine School 57 vs Morningside 81
GM 6 Wed 2/9/22 TBD Berean Christian 28 vs Atlantic Christian 40
GM 7 Fri 2/11/22 7:00PM CHAMPIONSHIP Morningside 50 vs Atlantic Christian 47

14-2A Seeding

Site: @ Lake Worth Christian

#1 Lake Worth Christian
#2 Grandview Prep
#3 Trinity Christian
#4 Glades Day
#5 Village Academy


GM 2 Tue 2/8/22 7:00PM Village Academy 46 vs Glades Day 65
GM 5 Wed 2/9/22 TBD Glades Day 41 vs Lake Worth Christian 47
GM 6 Wed 2/9/22 5:00PM Trinity Christian 56 vs Grandview Prep 51
GM 7 Fri 2/11/22 7:00PM CHAMPIONSHIP Trinity Christian 32 vs Lake Worth Christian 65

15-2A Seeding

#1 Sagemont
#2 Highlands Christian
#3 Sheridan Hills Christian
#4 Champagnat Catholic
#5 Horeb Christian
#6 Donna Klein
#7 Boca Raton Christian


GM 2 Tue 2/8/22 4:30PM Horeb Christian 13 vs Champagnat 64
GM 3 Tue 2/8/22 7:00PM Boca Christian 29 vs Highlands Christian 73
GM 4 Tue 2/8/22 4:30PM Donna Klein 63 vs Sheridan Hills Christian 70
GM 5 Wed 2/9/22 5:00PM Champagnat 27 vs Sagemont 65
GM 6 Wed 2/9/22 TBD Sheridan Hills Christian 56 vs Highlands Christian 60
GM 7 Fri 2/11/22 7:00PM CHAMPIONSHIP Highlands Christian 32 vs Sagemont 73

13-3A Seeding

Site: @ Westminster Academy

#1 Westminster Academy
#2 Somerset Prep
#3 Avante Garde
#4 Somerset Key
#5 Chaminade
#6 Posnack


GM 2 Mon 2/7/22 7:00PM Chaminade 71 vs Somerset Key 73
GM 4 Mon 2/7/22 7:00PM Posnack 51 vs Avante Garde 74
GM 5 Tue 2/8/22 7:00PM Somerset Key L vs Westminster Academy W
GM 6 Tue 2/8/22 7:00PM Avante Garde 45 vs Somerset Prep 66
GM 7 Fri 2/11/22 7:00PM CHAMPIONSHIP Somerset Prep vs Westminster Academy

12-3A Seeding

Site: @ Higher Seed

#1 Saint Andrew's
#2 Saint John Paul II
#3 Cardinal Newman
#4 King's Academy
#5 Oxbridge Academy
#6 Yeshiva
#7 FAU High


GM 2 Tue 2/8/22 7:00PM Oxbridge 42 vs King's Academy 59
GM 3 Tue 2/8/22 7:00PM FAU 52 vs SJPII 80
GM 4 Tue 2/8/22 7:00PM Yeshiva 48 vs Cardinal Newman 76
GM 5 Wed 2/9/22 TBD King's Academy 54 vs St Andrew's 57
GM 6 Wed 2/9/22 6:00PM Cardinal Newman 57 vs SJPII 65
GM 7 Fri 2/11/22 7:00PM CHAMPIONSHIP SJPII 58 vs St Andrew's 53 OT

11-3A Seeding

Site: @ Higher Seed

#1 Benjamin
#2 Jupiter Christian
#3 John Carroll
#4 Somerset College Prep
#5 Inlet Grove


GM 2 Tue 2/8/22 7:00PM Inlet Grove 65 vs Somerset College Prep 59
GM 5 Wed 2/9/22 6:00PM Inlet Grove 45 vs Benjamin 84
GM 6 Wed 2/9/22 7:00PM John Carroll 43 vs Jupiter Christian 56
GM 7 Fri 2/11/22 7:00PM CHAMPIONSHIP Jupiter Christian 48 vs Benjamin 51

13-4A Seeding

Site: @ North Broward Prep

#1 Calvary Christian
#2 North Broward Prep
#3 Somerset Canyons
#4 Pine Crest
#5 Pompano Beach
#6 American Heritage - Delray
#7 Glades Central
#8 Coral Springs Charter


GM 1 Tue 2/8/22 7:00PM Coral Springs Charter 43 vs Calvary Christian 73
GM 2 Tue 2/8/22 7:00PM Pompano Beach 58 vs Pine Crest 47
GM 3 Tue 2/8/22 7:00PM Glades Central 15 vs North Broward Prep 63
GM 4 Tue 2/8/22 7:00PM American Heritage - Delray 65 vs Somerset Canyons 86
GM 5 Wed 2/9/22 TBD Pompano 11 vs Calvary Christian 69
GM 6 Wed 2/9/22 TBD Somerset Canyons 45 vs North Broward Prep 66
GM 7 Fri 2/11/22 7:00PM CHAMPIONSHIP North Broward Prep 49 vs Calvary Christian 51

14-5A Seeding

Site: @ AH-Plantation

#1 Stranahan
#2 Suncoast
#3 American Heritage - Plantation
#4 Boynton Beach
#5 Northeast
#6 Coconut Creek


GM 2 Tue 2/8/22 5:00PM Northeast 37 vs Boynton Beach 35
GM 4 Tue 2/8/22 7:00PM Coconut Creek 49 vs AH Plantation 76
GM 5 Wed 2/9/22 5:00PM Northeast 55 vs Stranahan 79
GM 6 Wed 2/9/22 7:00PM AH Plantation 46 vs Suncoast 58
GM 7 Fri 2/11/22 7:00PM CHAMPIONSHIP Suncoast 57 vs Stranahan 58

13-6A Seeding

Site: @ Dwyer HS

#1 Dwyer
#2 Martin County
#3 Olympic Heights
#4 Atlantic
#5 South Fork
#6 Seminole Ridge


GM 2 Tue 2/8/22 7:00PM South Fork 59 vs Atlantic 47
GM 4 Tue 2/8/22 7:00PM Seminole Ridge 58 vs Olympic Heights 86
GM 5 Wed 2/9/22 7:00PM South Fork 39 vs Dwyer 72
GM 6 Wed 2/9/22 5:00PM Olympic Heights 55 vs Martin County 62
GM 7 Fri 2/11/22 7:00PM CHAMPIONSHIP Martin County 49 vs Dwyer 48

12-7A Seeding

Site: @ Coral Springs HS

#1 Coral Springs
#2 Stoneman Douglas
#3 West Boca Raton
#4 Deerfield Beach
#5 Park Vista
#6 Monarch
#7 Boca Raton
#8 Spanish River


GM 1 Mon 2/7/22 5:30PM Spanish River 35 vs Coral Springs 56
GM 2 Tue 2/8/22 7:00PM Park Vista 49 vs Deerfield Beach 67
GM 3 Tue 2/8/22 7:00PM Boca Raton 58 vs Stoneman Douglas 52
GM 4 Tue 2/8/22 7:00PM Monarch 48 vs West Boca Raton 53
GM 5 Wed 2/9/22 TBD Deerfield Beach 53 vs Coral Springs 54
GM 6 Wed 2/9/22 TBD West Boca 53 vs Boca Raton 57
GM 7 Fri 2/11/22 7:00PM CHAMPIONSHIP Boca Raton 48 vs Coral Springs 73

11-7A Seeding

Site: @ Vero Beach HS

#1 Lake Worth
#2 Wellington
#3 Palm Beach Central
#4 Forest Hill
#5 Santaluces
#6 Royal Palm Beach
#7 John I Leonard


GM 2 Tue 2/8/22 7:00PM Santaluces 66 vs Forest Hill 68 OT
GM 3 Tue 2/8/22 7:00PM John I 29 vs Wellington 70
GM 4 Tue 2/8/22 7:00PM Royal Palm 53 vs Palm Beach Central 60
GM 5 Wed 2/9/22 TBD Forest Hill 77 vs Lake Worth 92
GM 6 Wed 2/9/22 TBD Palm Beach Central 52 vs Wellington 68
GM 7 Fri 2/11/22 7:00PM CHAMPIONSHIP Wellington 82 vs Lake Worth 63

10-7A Seeding

Site: @ Santaluces HS

#1 Centennial
#2 Ft Pierce Central
#3 Vero Beach
#4 Treasure Coast
#5 Palm Beach Gardens
#6 Jupiter
#7 Palm Beach Lakes


GM 2 Tue 2/8/22 7:00PM Palm Beach Gardens 56 vs Treasure Coast 52
GM 3 Tue 2/8/22 7:00PM Palm Beach Lakes 36 vs Ft Pierce Central 49
GM 4 Tue 2/8/22 7:00PM Jupiter 42 vs Vero Beach 43
GM 5 Wed 2/9/22 5:00PM Palm Beach Gardens 66 vs Centennial 75
GM 6 Wed 2/9/22 7:00PM Vero Beach 48 vs Ft Pierce Central 63
GM 7 Fri 2/11/22 7:00PM CHAMPIONSHIP Ft Pierce Central 60 vs Centennial 70

RMF: 14
DF: 18

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