#PBCHOOPS Summer 2021 Standouts

After skipping a year, summer basketball returned in full force. June High School Team Camps, July NCAA LIVE Period and August Summer Leagues gave players the opportunity to showcase their abilities against heightened competition and in many cases in front of college coaches from all levels. Some players stood out from the rest and positioned themselves nicely for the upcoming high school season.

Before we get fully locked in to "Fall Ball", its time to take a look back at our list of standouts from this 2021 "Post Pandemic" Summer:

Behind the 2021-22 Boys Preseason #PBCHOOPSTOP5 and Season Preview

Preparation for the Palm Beach County high school season starts early. If there's any question look at the date this post was created, June 23, 2021. Plenty of modifications and updates since and it's time now time to tip-off what should be a great season.

To get us on our way here's a look at the 2021-22 Preseason #PBCHOOPS Top 5 along with a breakdown of the teams to watch this upcoming season in our Boys Season Preview:

Who Runs The South Circuit May 29-30, 2021 - Session 1 RECAP

Rangeman Films "Who Runs the South" featured several up and coming players from South Florida looking to make a name for themselves in the first session of the circuit event. The two day session provided the stage and tough competition, here is a look at the top performers from last weekends competition.


Moses Yasir (Dream City Basketball/Pines Charter) c/o 2024

Jonathan Merci (Stampede/Bear Lakes MS) c/o 2025

Reece Randolph (Team Hardaway Jr/Stranahan) c/o 2024

Treyshawn Henry (Camp Grind/Palm Beach Lakes) c/o 2024


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