2021 #PBCHOOPS STATE Final Four Preview and Predictions (ALL SOUTH FLORIDA)

State match-ups are set and two Palm Beach County teams remain out of the eight South Florida teams in Lakeland. Winning a state championship is not easy.

Reginal Final Round Pick Record: #PBCHOOPS 5-3 (Overall 49-27) D Franklin 6-2 (Overall 48-28) RMF 7-1 (Overall 55-23)

[UPDATED 9:52PM 2/27/21] 2021 #PBCHOOPS Regional Final Preview and Predictions (South Florida)

Dwyer. Martin County and Grandview Prep are looking to punch tickets to State. Should be an exciting night of games.

Tuesday Pick Record: #PBCHOOPS 9-5 (Overall 44-24) D Franklin 8-6 (Overall 42-26) RMF 9-4 (Overall 48-22)

Region 4-2A Regional Final

2A State Championship Bracket


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