#PBCHOOPS "Welcome to the Show" C/O 2022

This area is restricted to college coaches with current subscriptions to #PBCHOOPS Scout Service. For more information or to purchase a subscription visit http://pbchoops.com/pbchoops/scoutinfo

#PBCHOOPS "Welcome to the Show" c/o 2022
A Competitive Individual Showcase Event

This event is setup exclusively for c/o 2022 players who will be incoming Freshman in August.

Skill Sessions
(2) 4 on 4 Half Court Games
(3) 5 on 5 Full Court Games

Cost $125 per player includes a T-shirt for player

NCAA Division I coaches are permitted to subscribe to this service for Men's Basketball.
For more information, visit: http://www.ncaa.org/enforcement/basketball-certification/scouting-services.