Behind the Final #PBCHOOPS Top 5 2/10/19 and 2018-19 Boys District Championship Schedules, Previews & Predictions [SCORES UPDATED 2/16/19]

Torrin Andrews Photo courtesy of HoopVision

Photo Courtesy of HoopVision
Preview by Derrick Franklin

The Final #PBCHOOPS Top 5 for the 2018-19 Season:

Behind the Final #PBCHOOPS Top 5 2/11/18 and 2017-18 Boys District Championship Schedules, Previews & Predictions **Updated Scores 2/14/18 Games**

Today's Updated District Playoff Game Schedule http://pbchoops.com/pbchoops/todays_schedule

Behind the Final #PBCHOOPS Top 5 2/6/17 and 2016-17 Boys District Championship Schedules,Previews & Predictions **Updated Scores**

photo courtesy of @stephtotrill

photo courtesy of @stephtotrill

#PBCHOOPS 2016-17 Girls District Championship Schedule & Quick Preview

The girls regular season is over and it's time for district's to crown a champion and runner up to advance. There have been 5 teams that have stood out all season Boca Raton, Oxbridge Academy, Palm Beach Lakes, Wellington and Cardinal Newman have been fixtures in the #PBCHOOPS Girls Top 5 each week. Starting the playoffs they are the prohibited favorites to advance and make noise once the regional rounds start next week. Here's the schedule for the week including seeding in each district:

7-2A Host: Grandview Prep

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