#PBCHOOPS Middle School Girls Summer Showcase 8/17/19 Wrap Up

Photo courtesy of @visually_vane

After our first girls Middle School event #PBCHOOPS "Step Up" in February we were very eager to get our eyes on some of the prospects who came back giving us a chance to monitor their progress. While a new crop of players were in the gym for a first look in an effort to "End the Summer Right"

Here is a look at the standouts from the day::

Top Performers

#PBCHOOPS "Welcome to the Show" c/o 2023 8/17/19 Wrap Up

Photo courtesy of @visually_vane

The "Welcome to the Show" series was created with the mission to give incoming freshman a taste of what it takes to compete and play basketball at the high school level.

This year #TheShow had several under the radar prospects looking to compete and make a name for themselves headed into their freshman year. Here is a look at the top performers on the day:

Top Performers

#PBCHOOPS "STEP UP" Girls Middle School Showcase 2/23/19 - Evaluation Notes and Recap

#PBCHOOPS showcases have proved to be a valuable events in helping to identify not only under the radar prospects but the next group of talent in Palm Beach County. This was apparent once again at the "Step Up" Girls Middle School Showcase Saturday September 23, 2019. Here is a recap of the players in attendance.

Prospects have been separate by class specification with links to their respective player profile pages:

#PBCHOOPS “Showtime” PM Session 2 Wrap Up

Report by #PBCHOOPS Scout Dusty Pflugner –

After watching several hours of workouts and live play, I came up with 5 players who really caught my eye throughout the course of the day. Some with the ability to play at the next level, and others with an opportunity to help make an impact on their High School teams. Please keep in mind I saw the red and gray teams far more than I did yellow and purple.


#PBCHOOPS "Showtime" was a highly anticipated showcase event established primarily to expose local players to a competitive environment against their peers outside of a team activity. The morning session featured some of the areas top 2021 and specially invited class of 2022 players. The main focus of the day was to preach to players the value of opportunity. After a lack luster opening 45 minutes of effort the group was brought together before entering in to the game play session of the event.

#PBCHOOPS "Welcome to the Show" c/o 2022 8/18/18 Wrap Up

The "Welcome to the Show" series was created with the mission to give incoming freshman a taste of what it takes to compete and play basketball at the high school level. Top players in class of 2022 came to Palm Beach State College in Lake Worth to not only compete against some of the best in their class but see if they could handle the intense agenda for the day.

Day 1 Wrap Up - Team Knight "The Warm Up" 4/7/18

Tough competition, high level talent and local are the three words that best describe Day 1 of The Warm Up by Team Knight. Here is a recap of Saturday's games:


Team Knight

2-0 wins over Ball4Lyfe and Florida Future-Arthur. This group showed a lot of toughness after going down early 11-0 to in their game against Ball4Lyfe. They locked in and turned the game around late in the first half. Pulled out the victory 49-40

#PBCHOOPS Jump Start Recap Sat Jan 7, 2017

Basketball Development and #PBCHOOPS presented Jump Start, a middle school boys evaluation event designed primarily for players in Palm Beach County but also attracted talent from across the state. In it's first year we were able to secure the premiere and most well respected talent evaluator in Florida, Tony Perkins, to not only evaluate talent but provide much needed feedback to players and parents. 33 players where in attendance making the inaugural event highly anticipated.

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