#PBCHOOPS "Welcome to the Show" c/o 2023 8/17/19 Wrap Up

Photo courtesy of @visually_vane

The "Welcome to the Show" series was created with the mission to give incoming freshman a taste of what it takes to compete and play basketball at the high school level.

This year #TheShow had several under the radar prospects looking to compete and make a name for themselves headed into their freshman year. Here is a look at the top performers on the day:

Top Performers

Sebastien Saint-Louis (Boca High) c/o 2023 - 6' 4"

Sebastian already looks the part with a solid frame standing a legit 6' 4" and showed a good mix of guard skill along with a post presence. Defensively he used his size well to rebound and alter shots. Saint-Louis is prospect to keep an eye on long term as he could add a few more inches during his high school career. Areas of Improvement: Shot mechanics and ball handling

Jermaine Hunter (Grandview Prep) c/o 2023 - 5' 9"

The kid just has IT! Always talking on both offense and defense, a rarity in a showcase setting. Offensively he operates like a QB directing traffic and getting his team in line. Jermaine is a tireless worker improving his handle over the year and is continuing to improve his mid range jumper. On defense he locks up baseline to baseline, plays with great energy and supreme confidence. While Jermaine is a solid point guard already the future is very bright. Areas of Improvement: 3 point and mid range shooting

Parker Lanosa (Oxbridge Academy) c/o 2023 - 5' 8"

It has been great to watch Parker's confidence grow year after year to where now he feels he can get to any spot he wants on the floor. Parker is very aggressive offensively with a strong handle which tends to make him over dribble but overall a solid ball handler with an improving mid range and 3 point game. Areas of Improvement: Limit dribbles and more facilitating from the guard position.

Stone Bureau (Somerset Canyons) c/o 2024 - 5' 10"

Stone was the only 2024 invited to the event and not only held his own but excelled against a solid group of 2023's. Stone is a high motor guard that is not afraid to mix it up in the paint. During game play Stone was a ball hawk always around the ball and showed the ability to create for his teammates. Stone should be considered top guard in 2024 class and a player to we will have a close eye on this year. Areas of Improvement: He knocked down shots from three point range but a consistent mid range game would add another level to his scoring, we would like to see this added to his game.

Marvin Golf (Lake Worth HS) c/o 2023 - 6' 3"

Marvin is a very smooth point guard that has a knack for getting to the basket. He also possesses great vision and is a willing paser. Golf has long arms which he used to be disruptive on defense getting tipped balls and blocking shots. A pleasant surprise was his improved shooting he was able to knock down several shots on the day. Marvin has tremendous upside and comes from basketball family where they hoop all day everyday making him a player to watch these next 4 years. Areas of Improvement: Motor, that's what stands out. As mentioned Marvins game is smooth and can look a bit lackadaisical, we would like to see more energy on the court at all times which would make him a definite game changer.

Ajani Pollard (John I Leonard HS) c/o 2023 - 5' 8"

Ajani looks like a prototypical football fullback, yet it only takes a few moments to see this kid can hoop. Strength and power is his game who is very physical, over powering the guards at the event. Pollard is a shifty lefty that plays downhill and can make plays for others. It will be interesting to track his development at John I. Areas of Improvement: Shooting, he has a very nice stroke but will need to develop more consistency.

Colin Larkin (Atlantic Christian Academy) c/o 2023 - 6' 4"

Colin is another player who looks built for football like a tight end who would make a nice target running down the middle of the field for a QB. Standing 6' 4" with a solid frame Colin was very phyisical in the post and banged inside no problem. Larkin also displayed a nice shooting touch around the basket. We can see Colin being a nice fit at Atlantic Christian that can contribute right away. Areas of Improvement: Ball handling

Joshua Eisenberg (Atlantic HS) c/o 2023 - 5' 5"

Joshua just knows how to play the game, the lefty was one of the smaller players at the event but stood tall demonstrating good ball handling skills and a sweet shooting stroke. Definetly showed he could play with the top players in the event. Areas of Improvement: Joshua will need to get stronger which will make him more effective during his high school years.


Jordan Price (Dwyer)
Adrian GIlles (Forest Hill)
Colin Rice (Grandview Prep)
Nolan DeSimone (Palm Beach Gardens)

That's a wrap for year two of the #TheShow we look forward to following this group during the season and beyond. Make sure to follow Rangeman Films Social Media and the #PBCHOOPS YouTube Channel for highlights https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzMdXsBZwdr1AUO5MIyoArQ?view_as=subscriber

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