#PBCHOOPS UAA & Adidas Gauntlet Session 1 - Who Will Be Where

Changes by the NCAA to the way colleges recruit begin this month. The Spring Live Period is down to one weekend and college coaches want as much information as possible heading into the Live Period. Although they can't be at these events, coaching staffs are plugged into what's happening all around. The Under Armour and Adidas circuits start this weekend to give their members a jump start and quite a few Palm Beach County players will be in action. Here is a list of local squads with PBC players on the roster and information on where they will be. For a list of #PBCHOOPS players and corresponding travel teams click here:


Under Armour Association Session 1 - Chicago, IL

Team Breakdown 17U

Schedule - http://uaa.io/schedule.aspx?schedule=321

PBC Players to Watch
Sam Rolle (Suncoast)
Kemari Brown (Santaluces)
Marvel Allen (Benjamin) c/o 2023
Lamont Evans (Blanche-Ely)
Terrell Strickland (St Petersburg)
Selton Miguel (West Oaks)
Jadrian Tracey (Riverdale)
Aderes Stanton-Maccray (Blanche-Ely)
Wesley Cardet (Northeast) c/o 2021
Salomone Rosenthal (Hebrew)
Malachi Hazelton (Blanche-Ely)
Amarachi Ujagbor (Pines Charter)
Brandon Sanders (South Miami)
Ryan Bewley c/o 2023
Matthew Bewley c/o 2023
Damone Warren (Ft Lauderdale)

Florida Vipers 17U

Schedule - http://uaa.io/schedule.aspx?schedule=329

Adidas Gauntlet GOLD Indianapolis, IN

Team Knight 17U-16U

Schedule - https://basketball.exposureevents.com/widgets/v1/team?eventid=128775&div...

PBC Players to Watch
RJ Duhart (Atlantic)

Adidas Gauntlet SILVER Spartanburg, SC

Landfall Elite 17U

Schedule - https://basketball.exposureevents.com/128862/adidas-boys-silver-gauntlet...

PBC Players to Watch
Joshua Minott (St Andrew's)
Devin Hines (Cardinal Newman)
Micah Octave (Olympic Heights)
Makye Boles (Suncoast)
Landon Brody (Boca Raton)
Kenny Turner (Coral Glades)
Marc Steig (Olympic Heights)
Jake Ross (WestLake Prep)
Bobby Stewart (Boca Raton)
Giovanny Vilbrun (Olympic Heights)
Jack Alperstein (Spanish River)

Stampede 15U

Schedule - https://basketball.exposureevents.com/128862/adidas-boys-silver-gauntlet...

Adidas JR Gauntlet Spartanburg, SC

Stampede 12U

Schedule - https://basketball.exposureevents.com/widgets/v1/team?eventid=125384&div...

Trent Nixon
Javan Platt
Sam Thomas
Brandon Cross
Ishmael Joseph
Cory Michel
Jayden Jerome
Jonathan Merci
Jeremane Frederick
Rico Brown
Brent Bullard
Isaiah Benjamin
Malik Glover

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