#PBCHOOPS "STEP UP" Girls Middle School Showcase 2/23/19 - Evaluation Notes and Recap

#PBCHOOPS showcases have proved to be a valuable events in helping to identify not only under the radar prospects but the next group of talent in Palm Beach County. This was apparent once again at the "Step Up" Girls Middle School Showcase Saturday September 23, 2019. Here is a recap of the players in attendance.

Prospects have been separate by class specification with links to their respective player profile pages:

6th Grade

Jade Jones Wellington Landings

Class: 2025
Positives: Athletic and very good size, only 6th grade. Showed exceptional court vision and basketball IQ. Finished in the paint and held her own against older players.
Negatives: Continued development of ball handling skills and increased motor.
Takeaway: Jade has a high upside and we expect her to reach it as she continues to mature and add to her game.

Sophia (Soso) Kateris Polo Park

Class: 2025
Positives: Great size and athleticism. Very good ball handler and solid defender
Negatives: Struggled a bit with shooting and didn't assert herself as much during game play.
Takeaway: Soso will be a player watch closely as she moves into high school. Already can compete with older players.

Abby Price Don Estridge

Class: 2025
Positives: Graded out as one of the top shooters at the event.
Negatives: A young 6th grader, was overpowered a bit against older more mature players in certain game play situations.
Takeaway: Abby already has the shooting touch, as she matures and gaines strength we expect her game to expand as well.

Skylar Turk Spanish River Christian School

Class: 2025
Positives: Small in stature but very tough, does many things well. Can shoot, handle the ball and plays solid defense
Negatives: Will need to continue to develop an elite trait, whether it be dribbling, shooting etc.
Takeaway: Tough, pesky. Finds a way to stay on the floor and contribute.

Janiah Suprius Emerald Cove

Class: 2025
Positives: Very explosive, compact guard. Can get to the basket and create for others.
Negatives: Needs to learn how to use change of pace, right now it's mostly downhill
Takeaway: Love her game, plays with swagger and confidence. Will be player to watch.

7th Grade

Janessa Kelley Palm Springs

Class: 2024
Positives: Exploded on the scene with her full game. Knocked down shots, handled the ball and rebounded.
Negatives: We would like to see more intensity on the defensive end of the ball.
Takeaway: Janessa is an elite prospect and with an already advance skill set. Sky is the limit for her development.

Aylana Mergilles Don Estridge

Class: 2024
Positives: A triple threat player can score, pass and/or dribbling the ball. Gets after it on the defensive end.
Negatives: Can be an elite defender, motor will need to increase to reach that level.
Takeaway: High level defensive skills with solid offensive skills.

Selma Drucker Don Estridge

Class: 2024
Positives: Very effective in posting up and uses length well. Showed the ability to shoot
Negatives: Needs to extend shooting range on shot and continue to develop footwork.
Takeaway: Great size and can develop into a nice prospect with continued development.

Courtney Lowe Lyons Creek Middle

Class: 2024
Positives: Really shot the ball well in drills and game play, nice stroke on her jumpshot.
Negatives: Defensive effort and intensity will need to increase .
Takeaway: Showed a great feel for the game and high basketball IQ. Already a good shooter must continue to enhance shooting skills.

Gracie Powell Palm Springs

Class: 2024
Positives: High motor, big time energy player. Isn't afraid to mix it up in the paint on both offensive and defensive sides of the ball.
Negatives: Plays the PG position and will need to continue enhance ball handling skills to become more of threat on offense..
Takeaway: Will play at any level based on her effort and energy alone. As PG skills continue to develop she will be a bigger threat on offense.

Tamia Coleman Emerald Cove

Class: 2024
Positives: Great height and size. Rebounded the ball effectively and keeps ball high.
Negatives: Strength and quickness will need to improve. Add use mid-range jump shot.
Takeaway: Tamia will be intriguing prospect to follow as she transitions into high school, high ceiling.

Alexandra McAuliffe Boca Raton Middle

Class: 2024
Positives: Graded out as one of the top overall defenders at the event. Uses size well, worked hard during game play and showed high basketball IQ.
Negatives: Will need to improve shooting and overall footwork
Takeaway: Already a good defender who knows how to play the game. Continued work on skill development is the next level for Alexandra.

8th Grade

Taylor Romano American Heritage-Delray

Class: 2023
Positives: Really shined at the event, showing advanced skills on the offensive end and tough defensively.
Negatives: Would like to see Taylor bring even more to the defensive end, can be a game changer on that side of the ball with the right mentality.
Takeaway: Definitely a top player in the class of 2023. Played varsity as an 8th grader and contributed on a team that advanced to the regional semifinals.

Kimya Jerido Jeaga Middle

Class: 2023
Positives: Shifty guard that plays will a ton of confidence and swagger. Athletic and speedy with the ball in her hands.
Negatives: Can be absolute terror on defense, for that to happen will need to increase effort and motor on defense.
Takeaway: Very athletic with all the potential to develop into a solid player at the high school level and beyond.

Jordan Race Emerald Cove

Class: 2023
Positives: Long, athletic, fundamentally sound wing. Shoots the ball well and defends.
Negatives: Has all the attributes to cause havoc on the defensive end, will need to develop even more athleticism and aggression on that side of the ball.
Takeaway: Will be a contributor at the high school level almost immediately. Has the potential to develop into a top prospect in class of 2023.

E'Zaria Adams Palm Springs

Class: 2023
Positives: Graded out as the #2 prospect the event. High level athletics, defender and basketball IQ. Plays with great pace and aggressive on the offensive end.
Negatives: Another player who is a solid defender but with added effort and work could become an elite defender.
Takeaway: Future is bright for E' Zaria at the high school level and beyond.

#PBCHOOPS "Step Up" proved to be an eye opening event for not only the players but those in attendance. Although a small group the talent level was very high. One recurring theme during the event was defense. As these players grow and advance we would like to see them develop on the defensive side of the ball. Overall the players in attendance took well to the teaching given out by the coaches in the gym. We look forward to following each prospect as the progress. Special thanks to Tocarra Williams (Sweet Rebound Magazine), Richard Brown (Palm Beach Gardens HS) and Mike Souza (Dynasty Drills) for providing top notch instruction at the event.

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