#PBCHOOPS “Showtime” PM Session 2 Wrap Up

Report by #PBCHOOPS Scout Dusty Pflugner – DustyPflugner@gmail.com

After watching several hours of workouts and live play, I came up with 5 players who really caught my eye throughout the course of the day. Some with the ability to play at the next level, and others with an opportunity to help make an impact on their High School teams. Please keep in mind I saw the red and gray teams far more than I did yellow and purple.

Top Performers

Tylor Miller (Forest Hill HS) 6' 4" c/o 2019

Miller has freakish athletic ability and should have an opportunity to play at the next level. With a combination of toughness, explosive leaping ability, and a wiry strong build, he most assuredly passes the eye test as a college 2-3 wing player. Though Tylor has a bit of an awkward looking jump shot, he got multiple mid-range jumpers to go down throughout the course of the day. Tylor is a bit raw in other aspects but his activity and motor on both ends allows him to make up for some of his mechanical deficiencies. From what I saw he was an unselfishly willing passer and a capable defender. If Tylor puts quality time into his jump shooting technicalities along with the mindset of not settling for jump shots when he has a clear cut advantage (especially in transition) this kid can be a real player. He is a scholarship level guy and has the highest ceiling of any player I saw this weekend.

Eduardo Diaz (Palm Beach Central HS) 5' 8" c/o 2020

Diaz was my personal favorite player to watch on Saturday. He is a little guy with a big heart. Though undersized, Eduardo was the ultimate team player from the lead guard spot. Eduardo did a little bit of everything to help the Red team thrive. He was diving on the floor for loose balls, sticking his nose in on the defensive boards, applied relentless half court pressure Defense, and overall recorded tons of “hustle points”. Eduardo is everything you want to see out of the prototypical point guard. Eduardo was effective from the perimeter as well as around the rim, drawing help side defense while he attacked the paint at will. Eduardo’s energy and effort was contagious from the beginning of each game until the final horn rang. I believe Eduardo’s ability and intangibles make him a quality South Florida “true” point guard.

Ryan Moore (Royal Palm Beach HS) 6' 2" c/o 2019

This kid had a silky smooth jump shot. He doesn’t look like much but he can play. Below average athlete with an above average feel for the game. Some of the things he was able to do were impressive given his frame and physical attributes. I loved how effective he was at picking and choosing his spots. He ran the floor, distributed when need be, moved extremely well without the ball, and cut hard with a purpose. If he works on his foot speed he’ll be a handful for opponents in his senior year. One of the better team players I saw on the day.

Deandre Morris (Royal Palm Beach HS) 6' 4" c/o 2019

Deandre is a beast of a player. With a football defensive lineman type look to him, this guy brought the physicality from the jump. Deandre is the perfect example of why you don’t judge a book by its cover. At first glance you think this guy should be on the low block punishing defenders (which he did on multiple occasions), but instead he was showing off his range making 4 3’s in a row at one stretch along with attacking the offensive and defensive boards in pursuit of the basketball. A skilled “junk yard dog” he looked poised running the break in transition: handling, dishing, driving, and playing around the rim. He could also be seen setting multiple pin downs, flare screens, and ball screens to get himself and others open looks in the half court. As it gets closer to basketball season his conditioning level should be trending up. If that is the case and he is able to play 25-28 minutes a game, opponents will have fits trying to figure out how they plan to slow him down.

Yves Fleuranvil (Royal Palm Beach HS) 6' 6" c/o 2019

Yves Fleuranvil was the toughest and most physical player I saw on the day. A lefty that time and time again could be seen screening and posting with regularity. He had his way with opponents on the block turning right shoulder for baseline drop steps like no one was even there. In one on one drills and half court 4 on 4 he was being hacked around the rim every time he touched the ball, and continued to play through it. Opponents were double and triple teaming him and he continued to have success making the right decisions. When teams started going up and down with officials, not much changed. He continued to bang and body any and every one in his way. This guy reminded me of a Dennis Rodman type. If he puts some time in focusing on extending his range and going right he’s going to have a successful senior year. I could see him competing in one of Florida’s JUCO conferences next year and making an immediate impact as a glue guy, team player, and someone that would run through a wall for you.

//Dusty Pflugner//


Nathan Davila (Port Saint Lucie HS) 5' 9" c/o 2019

Nathan Davila is a treat to watch. The PG from Port Saint Lucie is always under control, a true leader at the guard position. Davilla uses of mid range jumper well to keep defenses of balance and plays with a great pace. Definitely a player to watch closely in the Treasure Coast area.

Cody Forbes (Forest Hill HS) 6' 5" c/o 2019

Cody Forbes has fundamentally sound Tim Duncan like type of game, never trying to do too much or do things that don't work for him. Inside he has nice footwork, uses the glass and finishes nicely in traffic. On the perimeter he can knock down shots. Cody will need to continue to work on increasing his foot speed and athleticism to add to his versatility.

Kadeem Wilks (Atlantic HS) 6' 1" c/o 2019

Wilks is a knock down shooter and can fill up the score sheet. The lefty has a very nice handle and uses pace effectively to get to the basket if his shot is not falling.

Zachary Stefansson (Wellington HS) 6' 2" c/o 2020

Stefansson had his complete game working from the perimeter and inside equally, knocking down 3 pointers and getting to the basket. Zach also showed high basketball IQ, constantly moving without the ball making plays for the offense.

William VanHook (Palm Beach Central HS) 5' 11" c/o 2021

VanHook definitely made a statement on the day as one of only three 2021 players at the afternoon session. Standing 5' 11" with a strong frame and build his game is physical, overpowering smaller guards on both offense & defense. A pleasant surprise was outside shooting, knocking down shot after shot. William should see big minutes this year as a sophomore at Palm Beach Central with talented back court mates Eduardo Diaz and Andrew Flete making them a tough combo.

Demerrick Warren (Royal Palm Beach HS) c/o 2019

Warren is always in attack mode never making it easy for his defender and also has a nice change pace to create separation to get to the cup. Do to the nature of the event most of the attack was to score but Warren will be a nice setup man for a loaded Royal Palm Beach squad this season.

First Impressions: New To Us

Jordan Lopez (Miami Palmetto HS) 6' 1" c/o 2020

Lopez was as advertised, a knock down shooter who can hit from anywhere on the court. Jordan takes and makes quality shots, he didn't get as many opportunities due to the nature of the event but converted when the opportunity was there. Lopez made a solid first impression and we will make sure to see him during the season.

Andrew Flete (Palm Beach Central HS) 5' 10" c/o 2020

Andrew Flete was a pleasant surprise as we got our first real look, he is quick in the open court and plays downhill. Fleet showed consistency on shots from both mid range and behind the arc. He will definitely be a player to monitor.

Dishon Francis (Royal Palm Beach HS) 6' 3" c/o 2020

While technically not new to us (Dishon is a staple at Saturday workouts with Coach Chris Edden) this was the first time seeing him in a structured competitive environment. Dishon raised a few eyebrows with a quick 2-step reverse dunk during drills and had several highlights in game play. Dishon's game will continue to see improvement as he adds more to his toolbox.

Raymond Jackson III (William T Dwyer HS) 6' 6" c/o 2019

Jackson III is very long and can hit perimeter shots. Raymond stands a legit 6' 6" and still has a couple inches left on the growth chart. Will be a prospect to watch closely as he adds strength, height and essential skill components to his game. Has yet to even scratch the surface of the player he can be, HUGE upside.

Eye Catchers

Kemari Brown (Santaluces HS) 6' 3" c/o 2020

Brown checks of all physical the boxes standing 6' 3" with a solid frame and build. The guard displayed a strong handle and the ability to get by his defender but the thing that jumps off the page is his court vision. KJ sees the court extremely well and looks more to pass first than score. Continued work on his jump shot will make him an intriguing prospect over the next 2 years.

Alec Eugene (Vierra HS) 6' 3" c/o 2020

Eugene loves to play above the rim and is very athletic. His game thrives in transition getting up and down the court with ease, focused on dunking everything and finishing strong. As an overall guard Alec will need to continue to develop his handle and outside shot, doing so will open up his game.

Jonathan Saenz (Park Vista HS) 6' 2" c/o 2020

Saenz is a slasher with a high motor who finds himself in the paint continuously either making a play to score or an easy look for others. Jonathan plays hard and in doing so was able to get easy baskets for his team all day. Not a prototypical point guard we see Saenz more as a combo and with continued work on handle and jump shot will be a tough matchup moving forward.

Chance Dixon (Santaluces HS) c/o 2020

Dixon is a dead eye shooter and is a threat from anywhere on the court. We were happy to see him put the ball on the floor more and put pressure on the defense.

Caleb Gordon (Wellington HS) 6' 2" c/o 2020

Gordon has quickly established himself as a capable 2 guard with his explosive burst and athleticism. As his shooting improves we expect to see continued growth in his game.

Leonty Frazier (Wellington HS) c/o 2020

Frazier excelled in the one on one situations, not only in drill work but in game play. A solid defender and shooter already Leonty is beginning to show his ability to score in different ways as opposed to only catch and shoot. We would like to see continued focus on ball handling over these next 2 years.

Ed-Ga Laloi (Santaluces HS) 6' 0" c/o 2020

Laloi is a strong guard and knows how to use his body to over power smaller guards to create mismatches. He is able to knock down perimeter shots but tends to be streaky, we would like to see more consistency on his perimeter game and use his mid-range more often.

Jaheim Franklin (Inlet Grove HS) 5' 9" c/o 2020

Franklin is a hard nosed, tough defender not afraid to mix it up. Jaheim is willing defender who sought out the oppositions best offensive player to match up with one on one. Next step in development will require increased attention to his ball handling and shooting work to get more arc on his jump shot which tends to come off flat at times.

AJ Mackrey (Olympic Heights HS) 6' 0" c/o 2020

AJ is a true floor general,period. Even in a showcase setting Mackrey was able to display his high basketball IQ, showcasing his play making abilities. AJ is a solid lead guard and as an opposing coach told me "makes his team GO!".

Erik Pratt (Park Vista HS) 6' 2" c/o 2020

Pratt has been on such a tear these past 4 weeks scoring it was hard to expect him to continue that level of shooting. Erik struggled finding his shot early but continued to have an impact as a playmaker until his shot came around. That didn't stop Pratt from giving maximum effort on defense or neglect his role as a facilitator. Erik is a player and a name people around the state will know soon.

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#PBCHOOPS "Showtime" was everything it was expected to be. Each player in attendance proved they belonged on the stage. As this event grows we will continue to attract the best prospects from throughout the state to come and compete against our areas best.

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