Virgin Islands Basketball

Besse Gonzalez

Besse Gonzalez - Positive Guidance, Virgin Islands

This weekend was one of the most enjoyable weekend's of my career in basketball. I visited the beautiful island of St. Thomas in the Virgin Island's, I was invited by "Besse" Gonzalez, director and coach of Positive Guidance one of the top club programs in all on the Virgin Islands. His amazing guidance has ushered in many great players stateside and has helped transformed VI basketball as players you have to come watch. For me it was a great experience, they do things a little different and with that little thing they do helps there kids grow in the game expeditiously.

For Instance they do groups not an age level:


So they're youth is always getting better and always challenged amongst their peers.

I got to meet some really tough and intriguing prospects, the top 2 that stood out to me was Jahmai Jones of Alliance Basketball and Jah'fari Samuel of Legends basketball. Not saying others didn't impress, but I don't want to talk about the youth with them being so young and many of the older kids already play stateside at local school's like Okeechobee, Miami Norland and Stephenson in Georgia.

St. Thomas is still recovering from 2017's hurricane and is an emerald that I call "Wakanda" with it's rich history, style, diversity and welcoming people. I felt right at home and look forward to visiting the Island more, covering more players to see how we can help get VI basketball more in the limelight.

Thank to the following people: Besse Gonzalez, Positive Guidance, Nuffrespect basketball, University of Virgin Islands and St. Thomas Reformed Church, Retreat Center for a very welcoming stay.

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