#PBCHOOPS "Welcome to the Show" c/o 2022 8/18/18 Wrap Up

The "Welcome to the Show" series was created with the mission to give incoming freshman a taste of what it takes to compete and play basketball at the high school level. Top players in class of 2022 came to Palm Beach State College in Lake Worth to not only compete against some of the best in their class but see if they could handle the intense agenda for the day. The day started with a 40 minute skill session conducted by Boca Raton High School Girls Varsity Head Coach Nhu Nguyen where players were challenged to get out of their comfort zone, learning new techniques and refining others. Following a short five minute break, players were separated into teams Red, Black, White & Green and jumped right into two 20 minute 4 on 4 game sessions. The gauntlet was completed by three back to back to back 5 on 5 full court games with each team facing each other once, all in four hour time span. To a man players and parents left #TheShow with a new found appreciation of the commitment it will take to be successful these next four years, and for that all that can be said is "Mission Accomplished!!".

#TheShow had a collection of some of the best talent in South Florida in the freshman class of 2022. Players competed hard and fought hard every minute of the four hour session. Take a look at our top performers on the day compiled by the four #PBCHOOPS scouts on site. We can't wait to follow all of the players progress these next four years:

Team Red

Damon "DJ" Leigh (South Fork HS)

High basketball IQ, not fast or quick but knows how to keep his body in between the ball, great leader vocal, Love's the game and you can see it when he plays. Knocks down open shots, deceptive in getting to the paint, rebounds well for a small guard. Needs to develop his body, which will help in the future with his development. Good upside!!!

Pat Presendieu (John I Leonard HS)

A freak of nature athlete. Plays both ends of the floor quick bounce jumper, can jump off 1 leg and both, super explosive seems to be shot out of a cannon, great in the open court. Needs to develop his right hand but for now he seems to have developed a great jump shot off the dribble if you cheat left. Plays kind of upright, needs to develop the triple threat position, but you can't teach the kind of motor this young man has. Tremendous Upside!!!!!

Michael Cooper (Inlet Grove)

Ultra competitive, I know most people won't agree, but for the most part if it ain't broke DON'T FIX IT, when I say that I am referring to his jump shot, he kind of has that "Lonzo Ball wind up" in his shot, but it fall and it falls consistently. Needs to develop a left hand like most young player's that have to learn how to use their off hand more productively. But plays with an edge. Good Upside!!!!

Milan Skoric (Palm Beach Gardens)

Versatile, he has a European style of play which is good, good not great feel for the game, solid shooter, tends to be ball heavy and plays with the ball too much instead of getting where either the ball or himself need to be. But has tons of tools with his game. Good Upside!!!!

Donnell Simmons (Palm Beach Lakes HS

Strength is his game, strong bull-dogg-ish type of guard, that plays physical. He uses that same physicality on defense where he can be disruptive, at this time he needs to be aware of his shot selection, he took a ton of shots, that were questionable, would like to see him get more to the rim. Productive Upside!!!!

Team White

Kamren Ramsarran (Coral Springs Charter)

"Add water and Stir" Young Man is instant offense. Has a great shot selection, can be an acrobat when attacking the rim off catch and goes. Plays both ends of the floor well, gets kind of complacent in games when others are taking shots, has to develop his dribble drive attack, but plays with an edge especially when challenged!!!!! Bright future, Great Upside!!!!

Elijah Wyche (Cooper City)

First thing that stands out is his body, he's a man child, well built. Right now he's an athlete that plays above the rim. He puts you in the mind of "Miles Bridges", the sky is not the limit for him, I believe space is. Has to refine his game, but trust and believe you'll be hearing a lot of this young man in the future. Tremendous Upside!!!

Lucas Fernandes (Somerset Canyons)

Small, tough, ultra competitive lead guard, true meaning of a lead guard, finds teammates and always in position to set his teammates up. Defensively he's always in position whether on ball or off ball, and it showed he had a ton of steals on and off ball. Superb passer we would like to see shoot more, has to develop a consistent jumper, but showed he can keep a defense honest by knocking down big 3's. Has to also be consistent with in the game because at time's he takes plays off. But great intangibles, which makes for his great upside.

Alex Montero (Pembroke Pines Charter)

Solid at both ends of the court Plays within himself, liked him because he was very consistent from hitting open jump shots to finishing through traffic. Needs to play with more of a motor, but you have to love his production. Good Upside!!!

Team Green

Jermaine Hunter (American Heritage-Delray)

Loved this kid. Fast, quick, aggressive, defensively can get attached to you and you can throw away the key because you're on lock. So needless to say he plays both ends of the court in an aggressive nature, he's young so some of his shot selection was questionable, with at time's missing teammates. But can shoot well off the dribble. Class of 2023 with a Tremendous Upside.

Matthew Newland (West Broward)

6' 5" wing, long strides, who runs the floor on both ends, Plays above the rim, has to get stronger physically, developing all facets of his game has to be consistent on the defensive rebounding end as he tends to watch at time's. Blocks shots at a high rate, his slashing ability from the wing is on another level, finishes at the rim really well. Tremendous Upside!!!! A player to look forward to in the future.

Isaiah Ramsay (Pine Crest)

He is a pure gem, jack of all trades, literally. He scores on all three levels, he rebounds both ends, runs the floor well, has a mid range pull-up and 3pt range. Efficient ball handler, post-up smaller players and finishes with a great turn around hook shot, defensively he guards wings and the post, plays above the rim, great feel for the game. I didn't say any negatives due to the fact he's not a master at nothing I named, but has room for improvement in all, but he is a high level player with a Tremendous Upside!!!

Shemar Gray (Royal Palm Beach)

A great one on one player with a very tight handle. Can knock down shots and knows how to keep teammates involved. Uses his dribble effectively but could tend to over dribble. Will be one to watch as he matures with size and strength.

Stone Bureau (Sacred Heart)

Class of 2023, Stone is ultra competitive and backs down from no one, he has refined tools and you can tell coming from a great lineage of ball players in his family. Plays upright at this time, but will learn to play with a lower center of gravity as time goes on, great feel for the game. Great upside!!!

Team Black

Caleb Mackrey (Olympic Heights)

Shifty, warning do not try and steal. On ball he is a nightmare match-up, he has so many tools in his bag of trick's that he can do, he's also athletic for a lead guard, Great scorer's mentality that doesn't play for self. Sometimes doesn't play to his full potential, takes plays off has to learn how to stay aggressive throughout a entire game, defensively can be better especially with how fast and quick he is.
Will be a Young man to watch going forward. Tremendous Upside!!!

Ben Middlebrooks (Westminster Academy)

First thing that jumps out of you is how lean, long and strong he looks, he's a freshman that looks like a seasoned junior, Has a very high skill level, shoots it well from the mid range, has a developing 3pt shot, good footwork, excellent moves in the post, tends to play upright makes it hard to get around people off the dribble, has to get rid of the hitch out of his jumpshot, has to play above the rim at his size, willing rebounder that will swallow up all boards in due time. Special talent, that will pick up a lot of college interest really soon.
Tremendous Upside!!!

Parker Lanosa (SLAM Academy)

Has a great feel for the game, plays with an all out love for the game, small guard with a great jumpshot, tends to play with the ball too much at time's, which prevents him from seeing the floor like he should, decent quickness and speed, he puts you in the mind of former South Florida great, "Ross Udine". Defensively he has to get better, Good Upside!!!!

Brenden Williams (Wellington HS)

Tough smallish guard that brings it on both ends of the floor, love his all out toughness not afraid of anyone. Hits open jump shots and finishes strong in the lane. Good Upside!!!!

Best of the Rest

Honorable mentions across positions. These are a combination of guys that maybe didn't stuff stats, but made presence known on the floor with either some or many of these: blue collar plays, hustle, defense, occasional shot making, played with energy, played winning basketball, etc.:

Braydin Samuels (Martin County)

An athletic slasher, that finishes and defends well

Darius Johnson (Palm Beach Lakes HS)

Caught a severe cramp early on into the 1st game of the 5 on 5 and was limited through the remainder of the day. Up to that point showed great vision and the ability to make other players better.

Jordan Walters (Pembroke Pines Charter)

defended, energy and hustle plays. Smooth player with very nice jump shot. Shifty and has the tools to fill it up.

Gabriel Gaspard (Dr Krop HS)

"Draymond Green" rebounded, defended, made the pass. Knocked down shots. Will be a player as he finds his niche.

Alex De Leon (Pembroke Pines Charter)

Showed toughness all day, got other players involved made plays when had the opportunity.

Sebastien Smith (American Heritage-Delray)

Showed alot of grit and toughness. Always in the mix, wasn't afraid to get in the fight

Tyrone McCleod (Palm Beach Gardens HS)

All hustle, rugged guard

Miraldo Dastineau (Santaluces)

knocked down open looks, very long.

Kai Robinson (Park Vista)

Very long, nice repeatable motion on jump shot. Could excel with further development and targeted skill work.

As mentioned to the players and parents at #TheShow, these young men are not finished products, by far. We encouraged them all to embrace the moment and continue to work. We hope to see these players in future to see the progress they have made.

Up next is the classes of 2019, 2020 and 2021 for #PBCHOOPS "Showtime" expect talent at this event to be at an even higher level. Space is filling up quick and the registration deadline is September 1, 2018. The time is now to signup http://pbchoops.com/pbchoops/showtime

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