#PBCHOOPS 2017-18 Boys All District Teams

Class 9A - Region R3 - District D9

John I. Leonard
Palm Beach Central
Palm Beach Gardens
Seminole Ridge

District 9-9A Player of the Year - Bryan Williams (Wellington)

District 9-9A Coach of the Year - Matthew Colin (Wellington)

District 9-9A 1st Team

Gyvicht Geneus (Palm Beach Central)
Nico Toledo (Wellington)
Josh Williams (Jupiter)
Trent Webb (Jupiter)
Jerquan Worthen (Leonard)
Johnathon Philistin (Wellington)

District 9-9A 2nd Team

Linton Brown (Wellington)
Tre Jackson (Palm Beach Central)
Drew Potter (Palm Beach Central)
Kaleb McClain (Jupiter)
Texan Molten (Wellington)
Neal Butler (Wellington)

Honorable Mention:
Ricardrick Haye, Armani Hayes, Jake Thrift, Nickson Touissaint, Christian Arteaga (Palm Beach Gardens)
Jamael Stroman, Larry Scott, Jaquel Stroman, Josh Glesil (Jupiter)
Cole Martin, Kamari Brown (Wellington)
Ryan Moore, Malachi Mcdowell, Jordan Ferro, Jeremiah Brown (Seminole Ridge)
Rodney Martin, William Van Hook, Cordae Walton, Ariel Joseph (Palm Beach Central)
Jordan Brown, Wylon Hamilton (John I Leonard)

Class 9A - Region R3 - District D10

Boca Raton
Lake Worth
Park Vista
Spanish River

District 10-9A Player of the Year - Cade Long (Boca Raton)

District 10-9A Coach of the Year - John Jones (Spanish River)

District 10-9A 1st Team

Avery Brookes (Lake Worth)
Rodwens Albert (Atlantic)
Reggie Duhart Jr (Atlantic)
Malaccai Davis (Spanish River)
Japhet Medor (Lake Worth)
Max Demeus (Boca Raton)

District 10-9A 2nd Team

Marques Spann (Lake Worth)
Kadeem Wilkes (Atlantic)
Chance Dixon (Santaluces)
Charles West (Spanish River)
Jashone Anderson (Spanish River)

Honorable Mention:
Jean Frejuste, Darius Dixon, Justin Nichelson, Ryan O'Connor (Santaluces)
DJ Tucker, Ladarian Variance, Bradley Renaud (Atlantic)
Jeremy Hock, Max Forstat (Spanish River)
John Smith, Atorian Perry, Zachary Riegle, Sherman Royal, Bryson Clark (Park Vista)
Marvin Frederick, Willie Razz, Tim Taylor, Tyrik Blanc (Lake Worth)
Peter Senatus, Brendan Chisholm, Adam Elotmani (Boca Raton)

Class 8A - Region R4 - District D13

Boynton Beach
Forest Hill
Olympic Heights
Palm Beach Lakes
Royal Palm Beach
West Boca Raton

District 13-8A Player of the Year - Miles Coleman (Dwyer)

District 13-8A Coach of the Year - Tony Watson (Forest Hill)

District 13-8A 1st Team

Eddie Davis (Dwyer)
Javonni Quince (Dwyer)
Phillip Lyttle (Forest Hill)
Ty Hands (Palm Beach Lakes)
Shaquille Peters (Royal Palm Beach)
Tristan Stephens (Forest Hill)

District 13-8A 2nd Team

Michael Ingraham (Dwyer)
Sheldon Edwards (Palm Beach Lakes)
Giancarlo Rosado (Palm Beach Lakes)
Denzel Robinson (Palm Beach Lakes)
Mehki Millender (Forest Hill)
D'ante Daniels (Forest Hill)

Honorable Mention:
Kenta Hamilton, Desmond Evans, Charles Bryant (Boynton Beach)
Shawn Kelly-Martin, Jalen Jackson (Forest Hill)
Brandon Williams, Carl Willis (Dwyer)
Jailen Holman, Steven Ayuso (Palm Beach Lakes)
Patler Levasseur, Yves Fleuranvil, De'Andre Morris, Christopher George, Moltere Charles (Royal Palm Beach)
Zach Desir (West Boca Raton)

Class 6A - Region R4 - District D15

Fort Pierce Westwood
Lincoln Park
Port St. Lucie

District 15-6A Player of the Year - Torrin Andrews (Suncoast)

District 15-6A Coach of the Year - Jason Powell (Suncoast)

District 15-6A 1st Team

Miclenby Geffrard (Suncoast)
Isaiah Edden (Suncoast)
Sam Rolle (Suncoast)
Willie Lewis (Fort Pierce Westwood)
Max Fulton-Durrant (Suncoast)

District 15-6A 2nd Team

Makye Boles (Suncoast)
Crisnel Francios (Suncoast)
Jakobe Cox (Suncoast)
Cornelius Brown (Fort Pierce Westwood)
Roderick Brown (Fort Pierce Westwood)

Class 5A - Region R3 - District D11

Cardinal Newman
Glades Central
Inlet Grove
The Kings Academy
Oxbridge Academy
Somerset Canyons

District 11-5A Player of the Year - Dante Moses (Inlet Grove)

District 11-5A Coach of the Year - Chris Hobbs (The Kings Academy)

District 11-5A 1st Team

Dante Wilcox (Oxbridge Academy)
Emmanuel Onuama (Cardinal Newman)
Ronique Spencer (Oxbridge Academy)
DeJuan Miller (Glades Central)
Calvin Johnson (The Kings Academy)
AJ Cajuste (Oxbridge Academy)

District 11-5A 2nd Team

Chris Kent (Cardinal Newman)
Kevin Anders (Inlet Grove)
Jeremy Golson (Cardinal Newman)
Klein Alexandre (Oxbridge Academy)
Jack Meyers (Oxbridge Academy)
Ryan Kingman (The Kings Academy)

Honorable Mention:
Troy Joseph, Jason Simpson (Oxbridge Academy)
Jalil Spears, Javian Golphin (Glades Central)
Jaylen Joyce, Javaris Chevelon, Tarik Jarrett (Inlet Grove)
Liam Kazman, Castra Gedeon Jr (Cardinal Newman)

Class 5A - Region R3 - District D12

American Heritage-Delray Beach
Coral Springs Charter
North Broward Prep
Saint Andrews
Saint John Paul II

District 12-5A Player of the Year - Jammy Pierre-Louis (Saint Andrew's)

District 12-5A Coach of the Year - Brian Smith (Saint John Paul II)

District 12-5A 1st Team

Marcus Pelissier (Saint Andrew's)
David Curlee (Saint John Paul II)
Nathaniel Harvey (Coral Springs Charter)
Dom Denny (North Broward Prep)
Aamir Justice (American Heritage-Delray)

District 12-5A 2nd Team

Jake Dable (North Broward Prep)
Ivan Reynolds (Coral Springs Charter)
Ian Tajelli (Coral Springs Charter)
Ben Milstien (Saint Andrew's)
Koby Pelissier (Saint Andrew's)
Kobe Opuko (Saint John Paul II)

Class 4A - Region R3 - District D5

John Carroll
Westminster Academy

District 5-4A Player of the Year - Zach Scott Jr (Westminster Academy)

District 5-4A Coach of the Year - Brandon Arnette (Benjamin)

District 5-4A 1st Team

Ben Lubarsky (Benjamin)
Sam Griffin (Westminster Academy)
Ashton Singleton (John Carroll)
Dudley Blackwell (Westminster Academy)
Jordan Travis (Benjamin)

District 5-4A 2nd Team

Kaiir Elam (Benjamin)
Chase Johnston (Westminster Academy)
Anthony Atkinson (Westminster Academy)
Steele Carlson (Benjamin)
John Diaz (John Carroll)

Class 3A - Region R4 - District D7

Berean Christian
Boca Raton Christian
Highlands Christian
Jupiter Christian
Lake Worth Christian
Odyssey Charter
St. Edwards
Trinity Christian
Village Academy

District 7-3A Player of the Year - Gethro Germinal (Jupiter Christian)

District 7-3A Coach of the Year - Brian Mullican (Jupiter Christian)

District 7-3A 1st Team

Brandon Brivio (Boca Raton Christian)
Herbison Augustine (Village Academy)
Jose Passius (Village Academy)
Aytor Alberto (Trinity Christian )
Gedeon Germinal (Jupiter Christian)
Cody Forbes (Berea Christian)

District 7-3A 2nd Team

Dion Fernader (Jupiter Christian)
Kevin Joseph (Village Academy)
Clay Fitzmorris (Jupiter Christian)
Toler Reiff (Jupiter Christian)
Matt Veynovich (Highlands Christian)

Class 2A - Region R4 - District D7

Atlantic Christian
Donahue Academy
Donna Klein Jewish
Glades Day
Grandview Prep
Hollywood Christian
Sheridan Hills Christian

District 7-2A Player of the Year - Nadav Niam (Grandview Prep)

District 7-2A Coach of the Year - Joe Dawson (Grandview Prep)

District 7-2A 1st Team

Noah Smith (Sheridan Hills Christian)
Jordan Dixon (Atlantic Christian)
Trevon Levy (Atlantic Christian)
Chance Donovan (Grandview Prep)
Cross Pratapas (Grandview Prep)
Jacob Camacho (Glades Day)

Be on the lookout for the release of the #PBCHOOPS All-County 1st and 2nd Team and Individual Awards next week.

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