John Collins Q & A

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John Collins photo courtesy of Casey Athena

Photo courtesy of Cassy Athena

The rise of former class of 2015 Cardinal Newman star John Collins has been remarkable. He has gone from relatively unknown to a projected NBA Lottery pick in just under 2 years. Interestingly enough Collins was not only unheralded nationally but locally for the most part, right here in his backyard. #PBCHOOPS had a chance to speak briefly with the 6' 10" big man in Los Angeles, CA as he prepares for the upcoming 2017 NBA Draft. John is projected to go somewhere in the top 14 picks, with the hometown Miami Heat being the favorite at #14, although there is also interest from several teams in the 1st round. Either way this a very exciting time for him and his family, we look forward to catching up with JC again sometime after the draft:

4 years ago today you were an under the radar high school sophomore. Did you ever envision yourself here so quickly?

Could've never envisioned my arrival so quickly,I always knew I had the ability, didn't think it would come this fast though.

How do you feel about the doubters? What has been your motivation?

I don't really like to worry about the doubters. I try to keep myself surrounded with extremely positive people. My motivation has been honestly just proving to myself that I am in a elite stature of basketball regardless of rank.

Your last HS game was an overtime loss in the state championship game, do you still think about it?

I think about it too much, worst basketball moment of my life. Hurts every time I think about it.

What would you like to tell young Palm Beach County kids about what it takes to make it in college athletics?

I would tell them rankings or notoriety don't mean ANYTHING! It's all about that thing beating in your chest.

Make sure to catch the 2017 NBA Draft 7PM on ESPN Thursday June 22, 2017


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