#PBCHOOPS 2016-17 Girls District Championship Schedule & Quick Preview

The girls regular season is over and it's time for district's to crown a champion and runner up to advance. There have been 5 teams that have stood out all season Boca Raton, Oxbridge Academy, Palm Beach Lakes, Wellington and Cardinal Newman have been fixtures in the #PBCHOOPS Girls Top 5 each week. Starting the playoffs they are the prohibited favorites to advance and make noise once the regional rounds start next week. Here's the schedule for the week including seeding in each district:

7-2A Host: Grandview Prep

#1 Grandview Prep
#2 Sheridan Hills
#3 Atlantic Christian
#4 Hollywood Christian
#5 Donna Klein
#6 Ave Maria
#7 Glades Day


GM 1 Mon 1/30/17 5PM Sheridan Hills 70 vs Glades Day 22
GM 2 Tue 1/31/17 5PM Hollywood Christian vs Donna Klein
GM 3 Tue 1/31/17 6:30PM Atlantic Christian vs Ave Maria
GM 4 Thur 2/2/17 5PM Sheridan Hills vs Winner GM 3
GM 5 Thur 2/2/17 6:30PM Winner GM 2 vs Grandview Prep
GM 6 Sat 2/4/17 7PM Winner GM 4 vs Winner GM 5

7-3A Host Lake Worth Christian

5-4A Host: Benjamin

#1 Benjamin
#2 Westminster Academy
#3 Somerset Canyons
#4 Yeshiva
# 5 John Carroll


GM 1 Tue 1/31/17 7PM John Carroll vs Yeshiva @ Yeshiva
GM 2 Wed 2/1/17 5PM Westminster vs Somerset Canyons
GM 3 Wed 2/1/17 7PM Winner GM 1 vs Benjamin

12-5A Host: Cardinal Newman

#1 Oxbridge Academy
#2 Cardinal Newman
#3 The King's Academy
#4 Inlet Grove


GM 1 Wed 2/1/17 5PM Oxbridge Academy vs Inlet Grove
GM 2 Wed 2/1/17 7PM Cardinal Newman vs The King's Academy
GM 3 Fri 2/2/17 7PM Oxbridge Academy vs Cardinal Newman

13-5A Host North Broward Prep

#1 St Andrew's
#2 St John Paul Academy
#3 American Heritage
#4 Coral Springs Charter,
#5 North Broward Prep


GM 1 Tue 1/31/17 6:30PM North Broward Prep vs Coral Springs Charter
GM 2 Wed 2/1/17 5:30PM Saint John Paul II vs American Heritage
GM 3 Wed 2/1/17 7PM Winner GM 1 vs St Andrews
GM 4 Fri 2/2/17 7PM Winner GM 2 vs Winner GM 3

15-6A Host Ft Pierce Westwood

#1 Suncoast
#2 Port St Lucie
#3 Ft Pierce Westwood


GM 1 Tue 1/31/17 6PM Port St Lucie vs Ft Pierce Westwood
GM 2 Thu 2/2/17 6PM Winner GM 1 vs Suncoast

13-8A Host: Palm Beach Lakes

#1 Palm Beach Lakes
#2 West Boca Raton
#3 Dwyer
#4 Royal Palm Beach
#5 Boynton Beach
#6 Olympic Heights
#7 Forest Hill


GM 1 Mon 1/30/17 7:30PM Forest Hill 3 vs West Boca Raton 67 @West Boca Raton
GM 2 Mon 1/30/17 7:30PM Olympic Heights 17 vs Dwyer 66 @Dwyer
GM 3 Mon 1/30/17 7:30PM Boynton Beach vs Royal Palm Beach @Royal Palm Beach
GM 4 Wed 2/1/17 6PM West Boca Raton vs Dwyer
GM 5 Wed 2/1/17 7:30PM Winner GM 3 vs Palm Beach Lakes
GM 6 Sat 2/4/17 7:30PM West Boca Raton vs Palm Beach Lakes

10-9A Host: Atlantic

#1 Boca Raton
#2 Lake Worth
#3 Santaluces
#4 Atlantic
#5 Park Vista
#6 Spanish River


GM 1 Mon 1/30/17 7:00PM Park Vista vs Atlantic @Atlantic
GM 2 Mon 1/30/17 7:00PM Spanish River 54 vs Santaluces 60 @Santaluces
GM 3 Wed 2/1/17 6PM Santaluces vs Lake Worth
GM 4 Wed 2/1/17 7:30PM Winner GM 1 vs Boca Raton
GM 5 Fri 2/2/17 7PM Lake Worth vs Boca Raton

9-9A Host: Palm Beach Central

#1 Wellington
#2 Palm Beach Gardens
#3 Palm Beach Central
#4 John I Leonard
#5 Jupiter
#6 Seminole Ridge


GM 1 Wed 1/30/17 6:00PM Seminole Ridge vs Palm Beach Central @Palm Beach Central
GM 2 Wed 1/30/17 6:00PM Jupiter vs John I Leonard @John I Leonard
GM 3 Thu 2/1/17 6PM Winner GM 2 vs Wellington
GM 4 Thu 2/1/17 7:30PM Winner GM 1 vs Palm Beach Gardens
GM 5 Fri 2/2/17 7PM Winner GM 3 vs Winner GM 4

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