2019 #PBCHOOPS Regional Semifinal/Final Preview and Predictions (Palm Beach, Broward, Dade) [Updated Scores]

Preview by Derrick Franklin

Only 7 #PBCHOOPS teams remain with a shot at advancing in the FHSAA State playoff series after a tough week to start the regional round of the playoffs. The road doesn't get any easier for #PBCHOOPS teams Tuesday as they go up against the best competition they've played all year. The only guaranteed advancements are in 5A and 9A with Palm Beach County teams matched up against each other. What will it take for all local teams to advance? We have a look for you below:

2019 #PBCHOOPS GIRLS Regional Semifinal/Final Preview and Predictions

Unfortunately this year we haven't been able to provide as much coverage to the GIRLS side of #PBCHOOPS this season due to staff restrictions, but that all changes next year when we'll have a dedicated staff member to keep up on the action all year long. However, just because you haven't seen much online in recent weeks doesn't mean there hasn't been a close eye on what's been happening thus far. Teams have reached the regional Semifinals, in some cases Finals and lay it all on the line tonight for one more chance next time around.


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